Qatari deserts breathe with water vapor

(ORDO NEWS) — American scientist Michel Looge completed his own forty year study, in which he came to an unobvious conclusion, namely, that arid deserts “breathe” water vapor. The results of scientific work were published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface.

During many years of research, the author and his team used a variety of different laboratory and scientific instruments.

Including Michel used his own developed probe, which was called capacitive. It is reported that the sensors have the ability to analyze and record a huge number of indicators with high dimensionality. They have already been useful in many areas of science, and have also helped Michel himself.

According to the author of the study, deserts actually have a number of indicators characteristic of living organisms. In particular, it is mentioned that deserts can grow, move, “communicate” with each other, and even breathe.

The study says that the dunes constantly repeat their breathing cycles, but use water vapor to do this. Michel explained that the dunes need moisture to function, which is taken from the surrounding air.

According to scientists, water vapor does not linger in the grains of sand themselves, as heat does, but as if penetrates into the desert, seeping through the sand.


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