Putin’s nuclear threats: Three possible strike targets

(ORDO NEWS) — Vladimir Putin has raised fears around the world that he appears ready to use nuclear weapons against Russia’s adversaries. But which countries would the Russian president strike first in a nuclear war?

After the start of a full-scale special military operation in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin twice warned the West against any intervention, saying that otherwise it would lead Western countries to such “consequences that you have never experienced in your history.” Many believe that the Kremlin leader boasts of the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. So who could he use his weapon against if he felt threatened?

1) US

The most likely target of any Russian nuclear strike would be its former Cold War adversary, the United States.

The United States is considered the world’s largest nuclear power after Moscow, and according to the Federation of American Scientists, Washington has a nuclear arsenal of about 5,600 units.

In addition, President Putin recently referred to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as a US-led military alliance.

He said that NATO expansion is carried out by the United States “very aggressively, which exacerbates the already difficult international security environment.”

Before the start of his special military operation, President Putin expressed dissatisfaction with the expansion of the alliance towards the borders of Russia.

Officials in the Kremlin may see the strike on a US target as a symbolic sign of the country’s power. In addition, it may force NATO countries to abandon actions directed against Russia’s plans.

But, given the nuclear power of the United States, Russia can just as well be deterred from launching any strikes.

2) UK

Since the start of a special military operation in Ukraine in February, the UK has provided the Kyiv government with significant military assistance.

In addition, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson personally visited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and promised to continue to provide “permanent economic and humanitarian assistance.”

For their part, President Putin’s associates have threatened the UK with retaliatory action.

Dmitry Kiselyov, the Russian president’s chief propagandist, said Britain could be “plunged into the depths of the sea” by a thermonuclear torpedo fired from an underwater facility.

Alexei Zhuravlev, deputy chairman of the Kremlin defense committee, also warned that a Russian nuclear strike could destroy the UK in less than four minutes.

The UK, along with the US, is considered one of the key members of NATO, and any attack on it could have implications for President Putin.

However, in this case, too, Moscow will have to weigh the risks and benefits of an attack on a NATO country, as well as what kind of response it will lead to.

3) NATO countries

Russia may also choose to target a number of others from NATO’s 28 member states, including France, Germany and Canada.

President Putin has previously voiced security concerns, opposing the North Atlantic Alliance and saying its ultimate goal is to “contain Russia.”

The use of nuclear weapons against a NATO member country would undoubtedly be a test of the alliance’s readiness to respond to an attack in accordance with Article 5 of its charter.

In addition, it could force some allies out of the military alliance and deter other countries from joining it.


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