Purchase of applications in Google Play for Russians was suspended

(ORDO NEWS) — Google announced that payments from Russia to Google Play have been suspended, so citizens of our country will not be able not only to buy new applications, but also to renew the subscription to already purchased ones.

This decision is related to violations of the payment systems and means that during the suspension period, users from Russia will not be able to buy applications, pay for subscriptions or other digital goods using Google Play. But free apps will remain in the Play Store. Users will also have access to the apps and games they have purchased.

Subscriptions will last until the end of the current billing period, after which they will simply be cancelled. In addition, existing subscriptions with discounted and free trial periods will continue to work until an attempt is made to pay for them.

Despite everything, the company recommended that developers regularly contact the help center for up-to-date information, as the situation is changing rapidly.

They are offered two options. The first is to extend the grace period for existing content subscribers after the end of the billing period by up to 30 days in the Play Console. The second is to defer user subscription renewals to one year using the Google Play Developer API.

“The user will retain full access to the content, but will not be charged during the grace period. The subscription renewal date will be changed to a new date, ” Interfax quotes Google. In addition, developers have the option to make their apps free or remove paid subscriptions.


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