Pulmonologist told how to quickly recover the lungs after COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Recovering from coronavirus, as shown by numerous statistics, takes a very long time. Some people still experience symptoms of the disease even after a year of recovery. To date, there is no special drug that would make it possible to quickly restore the lungs affected by the coronavirus, but breathing exercises can achieve a very good effect.

Lydia Taralenko, a pulmonologist with vast experience, said that the specialists had not been able to come up with a medicine that would help restore the lungs. Therefore, the process can only occur naturally.

In the presence of pronounced respiratory failure, especially in the acute period, it is necessary to use special anti-inflammatory hormones. During rehabilitation, it is imperative to apply a variety of breathing exercises and gymnastics, which will help improve the work of the respiratory muscles.

The doctor also added that in case of hypovitaminosis, which is a frequent consequence of the coronavirus, vitamins can be prescribed. In most cases, vitamin D is prescribed. The virus can have an extremely negative effect not only on the lungs, but also on all other organs, therefore, in each case, rehabilitation will take place in different ways.

One should also not forget about the presence of concomitant diseases in the patient. Mild coronavirus does not require further rehabilitation. The severe form, in turn, leads to hyperglycemia, problems with the heart, blood pressure and musculoskeletal system. The pulmonologist added that depending on the factors present, rehabilitation can take from one month to up to a year, if not more.

Earlier we wrote that the Omicron strain has symptoms similar to other diseases. Despite the fact that the new Omicron coronavirus strain is considered to be relatively light, it has certain signs that cannot be ignored. The UK Ministry of Health noted that the symptoms of coronavirus, as a rule, include persistent cough, fever, loss of taste and smell.

And also recall that scientists told who can develop “super immunity” to COVID-19. The immunity of those people who got two vaccinations and then got sick with the coronavirus will be much stronger than those who just received the vaccine.

American experts have established that in the first case, the level of antibodies will be approximately 1000-2000% higher than in the second. Such data was obtained using a recent study, the results of which were published in the scientific journal Journal of the American.


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