Psychologists have identified a portrait of a boring person

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers from the UK “painted” a social and psychological portrait of a person who most people around would consider boring.

Many professions are perceived by others as uninteresting and even boring. At the same time, not everyone thinks about their significance.

Scientists from the Universities of Essex and Limerick, as well as the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), decided to correct this injustice and learn more about what people perceive as boring fields of activity.

The experts focused on various occupations, hobbies, and personality traits (such as lack of a sense of humor and lack of opinion) that people rated as boring. The study took place in several stages, more than 500 people participated in them.

The most interesting professions interviewed considered those related to art, science, journalism, medicine and education, and the most boring – data analytics, accounting, taxes and insurance, cleaning and banking.

The most boring hobbies, according to the participants, were sleep, religion, watching TV, watching animals and mathematics. In addition, it turned out that “boring” people live in small towns and villages, avoiding megacities.

“The irony is that studying the phenomenon of boredom is actually very interesting and has many implications,” says Dr. Venand Van Tilburg from the University of Essex. “The fact is that people often do not want to spend time communicating with those who are perceived as boring, preferring to avoid them.

That is, they have no chance to prove that they can have an uninteresting job, but be exciting in communication.

All this can lead to social ostracism and increased loneliness, which will negatively affect the lives of such people.” Researchers also believe that such isolation can lead to the development of addictions and mental health problems.


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