Psychologists have developed a technique for inducing lucid dreams

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people at least once in their lives experienced a state when in a dream a person realizes that he is sleeping and at the same time he is dreaming.

Australian doctors from the University of Adelaide decided to find out if this condition can be controlled, if so, how.

First of all, they were interested in the use of such a technique in the complex therapy of people who suffer from constant nightmares.

To develop the method, volunteers were invited, who had to perform certain techniques and write down their dreams during the week.

One group woke up after 5 hours, then its participants had to fall asleep, trying to capture the state between sleep and reality.

The members of the second group had to try to check the reality in a dream. The third group repeated a certain phrase before going to bed, which should influence their attitude towards the planned events.

The so-called “perspective memory” is responsible for this area, it helps to remember what remains to be done.

It was the third group that showed a larger percentage of participants who were able to realize themselves in a dream.

Physicians are determined to further improve and research the technique of special induction of lucid dreams. This will help control nightmares in patients with a psychological profile.


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