PSR J0002+6216 is one of the fastest moving pulsars known

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers are aware of the existence of at least one extremely strange star in the Milky Way , moving at an incredibly high speed, which is even difficult to imagine.

We are talking about the pulsar PSR J0002 + 6216, which rushes through space-time at a speed of more than four million kilometers per hour or 1,127 kilometers per second.

The pulsar was seen in 2017 moving away from an expanding cloud formed by a recent supernova explosion.

Having broken through the outer layer of the gas and dust shell, the object “stole” part of it, and this still allows it to leave a huge cosmic plume, which, as astronomers say, stretches for almost 13 light years.

Pulsars are highly magnetized and rapidly rotating neutron stars that emit beams of electromagnetic radiation from their magnetic poles.

If the jets of electromagnetic radiation “point” towards the Earth , then the pulsar resembles a space beacon. PSR J0002+6216 rotates around its axis at a speed of 8.7 times per second.

“Thanks to its thin, dart-like tail and a good view, we can determine the birthplace of the pulsar,” said Frank Schinzel, an astronomer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in New Mexico, USA.

“Further study of this object will help us figure out how explosions like these [supernova explosions] can make neutron stars move so fast.”

PSR J0002+6216 lies about 6,500 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Cassiopeia. This pulsar travels through the Milky Way five times faster than most known objects of a similar nature.

Astronomers say PSR J0002+6216 is moving faster than 99% of the known pulsars that have been measured.


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