Prophecies of Padmasambhava

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — For reference: Padmasambhava (born from the lotus) is an Indian Buddhist tantra teacher who lived in the 8th century, also known as Guru Rinpoche (precious teacher).

The great teacher (Padmasambhava) said:

– O Great King, listen! This stupa (Jarung Khashor in Tibet) is truly indistinguishable from the divine essence of all Buddhas. Therefore, there will be no real destruction in it. But in its outer shell from the [action] of the four elements (elements), some destruction will occur. Then the various rebirths of the patrons … of the three genera, wrinkled by the wrath of the gods, the venerable Madame Saint Dolma (Tara) will correct her.

Especially [a lot of destruction] will be after fifty generations. Then the teachings of the victorious Buddha Sakyamuni will decline. The monasteries will be filled with married men, the temples will turn into military shelters, and the main monastery halls – into the premises of the slaughterhouse. Hermits from the mountains will be driven to the valleys.

Great meditators will begin to sow grain, meditators of emptiness will enrich themselves.

Monks will lead wives, and noble confessors will become robbers and robbers. The feuds will rise like the wind. In the central regions discord and confusion will begin. The sages will become military leaders, holy confessors will go to war, and noble nuns will begin to kill children. In the fatherly possessions, strangers will rule and the sons will not inherit the houses of the fathers.

The barbarians will become the leaders. Little girls will roam in the mud. In the desert hermitages will be heard the voices of the Bonots. Temple property will be stolen, sayings and things of saints will be sold.

The shrines of the body, speech and thoughts will plunder, set the price and sell. In the temples they will put horses and cows and collect impurities there.

At that time, the kings of demons penetrated into the hearts of monks, evil spirits into the hearts of the tarnish, fiery spirits into the hearts of bonnets, male demons into the hearts of men, evil devils into the hearts of children, female demons into the hearts of women, into the hearts of noble nuns – scary vampires, in the hearts of girls – devils; in a word, an evil spirit is grounded in the heart of every person.

Signs of this will be the following. [People] will wear various unpaired clothes. Noble confessors will dress up, nuns will show off in the mirror. Protecting themselves, people will rely on weapons, mix poison into food. Sages and teachers will begin to teach evil. Rulers cannot be masters of their minds.

People will lose modesty and shame, women will lose power over the body. … Every year [the news will be distributed], and people will begin to wear new jewelry and clothes. Commoners will begin to teach doctrine. Women’s speeches will be filled with arrogance.

Liars will give a blessing. Deceivers will take the place of great contemplators.

Chatterboxes and Krasnobaeva will be called sages. Husbands will break their oaths and be proud of it. Slaves will rule the state, and kings will become slaves. Cruel executioners will go to the bosses.

Horrible sinners will be considered popular defenders. … Ordinary people will dress in noble clothes made of silk, and tall confessors will walk in Mongolian dresses. Monsters that kill people will wear light red cloaks of the clergy. People will begin to diligently learn the wrong spells. Trade and deception will be taken for the same thing.

They will begin to compose and print various false books. Buddha’s orders will be doubted. Good customs will be forgotten, bad deeds and bad behavior will become familiar. … So living things will go the wrong way. Adhering to bad deeds and behavior, they will forget all past guardians of the faith and stop protecting the faith and serving it. All planets get lost, new huge stars will appear. It won’t rain at the right time. One after another, bad years will follow, with hunger and nonsense.

Demonesses and evil spirits fall into terrible anger. From this disease, people and livestock will multiply so that you can’t even list all their names, they will spread like a fire. Suddenly [the earth] will begin to shake, floods will occur, fires will occur, hurricanes will rise.

Temples, stupas and cities will collapse in an instant. … This will be the time when people in India will starve to death, in Nepal – from contagious and other diseases, (in other countries there will be) earthquakes, contagious diseases, epidemics, famine, land failures, landslides, in Tibet on its five peaks there will be three impregnable fortresses.

It will be a time when in the gorges of Mon, in the dwellings of bears, the saints will be hiding, in the land of Kham two Suns will rise, and the king will suddenly die in China. … (There will be conflicts and wars everywhere). … It will be a time when believers will be powerless and powerless, unbelievers who have lost conscience will dominate, sages and learned monks will become elders, common people will be rulers, preach and give blessings.

This will be the time when, in defending virtue, they will hope for a reward. … And that will mean that the time has come to repair the ruined.

Then someone should appear, possessing happiness and a good fate, and leaving thoughts of age, with a great desire and conviction, to correct the destroyed. … In the future, after fifty generations, when there is one hundred and one signs of a bad time, (a great man) … [by virtue of] well-wishes [will receive] a wonderful birth and will emerge from the purest Sun in the upper side. His parents will be teachers from the Tarnitsa clan, and Palan-Sampo (?), [Born] in the year of the pig, will call the child. He will be the owner of a great mind, great courage and wide knowledge.

By virtue of the good wishes [uttered] in the past, and the good deeds done [in the past], from childhood he will be imbued with great faith and veneration of the Three Jewels, temples and monasteries of the body, speech and thought, a sense of mercy for blind and impoverished living beings In awe of great courage and deep thoughts of the noble adherents of the Great Chariot, he will receive the power to perform formidable deeds, will be glorified as a frantic, ferocious and angry [defender of the faith]; he will firmly trust in guardian spirits, heed the orders of the geniuses – protectors and patrons of religion, and serve them with vows; he will not depart one iota from the Lord, he will possess the power of faith and ferocity [towards enemies] … When everyone dreams of getting rid of suffering, [this] person will appear, who has received a blessing from me, and, seized by the desire to save people, will spare no body or life. With great zeal, he will inspire all living beings of different countries to virtue.

Then it will be necessary for all respectable people to turn their thoughts in one direction and help this person. But all living beings at this time will be captured by the demon of false ideas, so few people will trust him and reverence him, there will be as many as there are stars in the afternoon. And yet, one hundred thirty thousand doing white deeds, six thousand doing deep prayers, one hundred and eight people raised on [respect] of vows, sixteen diligent alms-givers, [yes] seven women, [total]: twenty three, and also the rebirth of eight bodhisattvas – eight teachers, twenty-five believing youths, five rebirths of dakinis, seven who received blessings from dakinis, twenty-five women from noble families who have been born human, will clear all obstacles and difficulties. But most importantly, he will meet with the rebirth of my heart, [the sage] from Urjan, the son of Padma Limpa, as well as the sage from Brigun and the rebirth of you, the king of the doctrine. And he will begin to accomplish a great cause – the restoration of destruction. When this is fulfilled, good times will come. … All obstacles to the teaching of instructions and accomplishments will disappear, and it will spread widely.

The life of all saints who adhere to the doctrine will be long, and their deeds great. … The generations of all black destroyers, demons and evil spirits that brought devastation will be eradicated. In a word, all living beings that contribute to restoration will find the pure flesh and appearance of a god or a person in the three kinds of living beings and, in the end, will become Buddhas.

All who show confidence, respect and reverence for this person, or rejoice with him – the restorer of the destroyed – will fall into the category of the prudent in seven births. All living beings, who see with their eyes, hear with their ears, capture in the heart of this great man, the restorer of the ruined – all will tear up the root of evil deeds collected in 60,000 great kalps.

All those who enter into relations with this person who is making restoration of the ruined one, as they have little or great respect, reverence and faith in him, will gain higher or miraculous abilities and, in the end, will find their place near me, in the lands of the highly intelligent.

The full measure of the virtues of this and the Buddhas of the three times of the ten cardinal points will not be able to list for as many as 100,000 calps. For the good deeds of the divine essence of doctrine go beyond words.”


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