Products that will save humanity from hunger in the future

(ORDO NEWS) — British scientists from the University of Cambridge have proposed an unusual diet to save humanity from hunger. In their opinion, larvae and algae are the optimal dietary basis for humans. Proteins, carbohydrates, minerals – all this is in sufficient quantities in these products. Their research is published in the journal Nature Food.

This is reported by Science Focus.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge are confident that epidemiological and environmental disasters can affect existing food supply chains. So that in the future people do not face the problem of lack of food, it is now recommended to start growing insects and algae.

This diet is not for the faint of heart. If mankind is accustomed to using kelp and spirulina, as well as other types of algae, then there are no larvae of flies and a meal beetle. Many people, having learned about such research, were skeptical about such a fight against hunger.

Scientists consider the current food system to be vulnerable. It depends on many risks: floods, droughts, disease, war, and it is much easier to grow insects. Larvae and algae can be used to make pasta, energy bars, and other foods. It is not necessary to eat them raw.

However, humanity is not yet ready to switch to such nutrition.


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