Products that reduce the likelihood of coronavirus infection

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Dietitian listed products that reduce the likelihood of contracting coronavirus. So by adding certain foods to your daily diet, in addition to reducing the risks of infection, you can also provide support to the immune system.

First of all, the doctor recalled the importance of drinking water, as this will help to avoid malfunctioning of the mucous membranes, which, in turn, limit the penetration of viruses.

Among the products that reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19 is rosehip, due to the content of vitamin C. It can also be replenished with the help of bell pepper. Berries are also beneficial for the body, which, incidentally, is acceptable to purchase in frozen form.

In order to improve the functioning of blood vessels and capillaries, you can add green vegetables to the diet, while the use of tomato juice can prevent the formation of blood clots.

Potassium, which is rich in dried fruits, can strengthen the heart vessels, and apples, onions, meat, pumpkin seeds and seafood can be effective for maintaining immunity.

The doctor also included garlic and lard among the products that reduce the risks of coronavirus infection.


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