Printed 3D camera passes fire test

(ORDO NEWS) — Based on the fire tests in the Integrated Expansion Cycle Demonstrator (ETID), the technology, methods of construction and testing of a fully additively manufactured traction chamber were proved and confirmed. The project was created with the support of ESA, ArianeGroup and the German aerospace center DLR last year.

The first test lasted 30 seconds and was carried out on May 26, 2020 at the test site of the German Aerospace Center DLR in Lampoldshausen. Additional trials are scheduled for next week. The data from this test campaign will be collected and analyzed.

This fully-3D-printed traction camera is built in only three parts and can work on the upper steps of future missiles.

Production using 3D printing, allows you to create more complex structures for higher productivity, significantly reduces the number of parts in this case from hundreds to three and speeds up production time. This reduces costs and greatly improves the competitiveness of liquid propulsion systems for European launch vehicles.

This full-blown camera features a 3D-printed copper liner with integrated cooling channels and a high-strength shirt. Its manifold and integral injector head are also printed in 3D.

The production and testing of these parts was carried out as part of the training program for future ESA launchers.


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