Prince Philip collected books and articles about UFOs and aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — The passion of the late Duke of Edinburgh was reported by British journalists.

The late spouse of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, had an unusual hobby – he collected books and materials about UFOs . During his long life, he collected a very extensive library on this topic. This was reported by representatives of a popular British publication.

According to journalists, the Duke of Edinburgh regularly subscribed to the thematic quarterly magazine Flying Saucer Review. He also gave his former aide Sir Peter Horsley carte blanche to collect UFO stories from the Air Force.

Back in the last century, his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, infected the prince with a desire to understand the secrets of the universe. By the way, a relative of the Duke once made an official report on the silver spacecraft, which, according to him, landed on the grounds of his Broadlands estate in Romsey, Hampshire in 1955. The “visit” was also confirmed by witnesses from among the employees of the estate.

According to alien intervention expert John Hanson, a retired detective who wrote Haunted Heaven: An Encyclopedia of British UFOs, Prince Philip’s son Charles and his grandson William also share the royal ancestor’s passion.

“I am very proud of Prince Philip, why shouldn’t he be interested in UFOs? Because, for heaven’s sake, this should be taken seriously, not lightly. This phenomenon has confused humanity for millennia, ”Hanson is quoted by

The Duke of Edinburgh passed away on April 9 at the age of 99. His funeral, which will take place on April 17, will be attended by all members of the royal family. Prince Harry, who has already returned to the UK, will also attend the funeral ceremony, albeit without his beloved wife Meghan Markle.


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