Prince of Bahrain in Dubai accompanied by a huge robotic bodyguard

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(ORDO NEWS) — Prince of Bahrain Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa chose a robot as his bodyguard during his visit to Dubai. A video immediately appeared on the Internet about a robotic bodyguard accompanying the prince.

The footage shows a robot, 8 feet high, following the prince. On his shoulders is a piece of fabric that is somewhat reminiscent of a camouflage uniform made from scrap materials. Next, the robot is followed by the visitors of the exhibition themselves, who happily filmed such an interesting and original show.

It was reported that the robot was equipped with a special camera that has a 360-degree view. In addition, there are firearms. Most are inclined to believe that a pistol was used. Under the video, users started talking about the robot being developed by Chinese scientists. But earlier, a similar robot was already shown in the UAE at the end of last winter at the time when the Idex exhibition was held in Abu Dhabi.

At the exhibition, a robot named Titan showed everyone his incredible communication abilities, and also met those who came to see him. In 2018, Titan has already visited the Burj Khalifa, and also attended the International Conference in Abu Dhabi, which was dedicated to national security.

Titan is also said to be only a semi-mechanical robot. It was developed by the famous British company Cyberstein Robots. In appearance, the robot resembles a human. Especially if we talk about the head, which has human proportions and which reminds everyone of the well-known hero from the movie “The Terminator”.

The main function of the robot, which weighs up to 350 kilograms, according to the developers, is to entertain guests attending various exhibitions. Nothing is said about whether it is possible to equip such a robot with professional military equipment.


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