Presence on Earth of the remains of the first known interstellar object was confirmed

(ORDO NEWS) — An object from another star system crashed into Earth in 2014, the US Space Command (USSC) confirmed in a recently released memo.

A meteor erupted in a fireball in the sky over Papua New Guinea in 2014, the memo says. Scientists believe it may have scattered interstellar debris across the South Pacific.

Amir Siraj, an astrophysics student at Harvard who is leading the study, said the study had been pending peer review and publication for many years, but was hampered by various circumstances that arose from the sheer novelty of the find and the hurdles that arose from bringing in information. classified by the US government.

Siraj acknowledged that the chances of finding parts of the meteor are slim, as any remnants of the “exploded fireball” likely fell in tiny numbers in scattered regions of the ocean, making them difficult to find.

“ It’s going to be a lot of work, but we’re going to look extremely deep, because the idea of ​​getting the first piece of interstellar material is exciting enough to take it very seriously and talk to all the world’s experts in ocean expeditions to extract meteorites ,” he noted.


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