Preparing for a new world order

(ORDO NEWS) — We had a bit of fun in the previous articles – let’s get back to serious issues, because there is less and less time before global shocks.

September 21 of the current year, i.e. in two weeks, in my opinion, an epoch-making event will take place that will put an end to many seemingly unshakable postulates, close long-playing, many years unsolvable problems, and outline, at least in the first approximation, the contours of a new world order – in connection with the 75th anniversary establishment of the UN will host a high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly.

In this regard, I personally will be very interested in Putin’s speech , which he is already preparing. After his previous speeches – in Munich in 2007, and at the UN General Assembly in 2015 – just tectonic shifts in global politics began to take place. And I am more than sure that the upcoming performance will be the same.

I think that after this date the resolution of the Ukrainian issue is being forced. For me, it is currently the most important for personal reasons, and for Russia as a whole it is high time to close it. As I see it, at this assembly they will dot the points as they are at the moment, approve the current REAL status quo, draw the line – and simply close many questions without asking the subjects of these questions.

Well, then the same upheavals will begin that I have repeatedly spoken about, and many other sane people who understand that the old world order has outlived itself, and it is simply impossible to revive it. It is necessary to enter these shocks with a minimum amount of accumulated unresolved problems – and this, by the way, concerns each individual person, and not just the state.

While there is time and opportunities – try to clean up the old hemorrhoids as much as possible, because a lot of new ones will soon be added, in comparison with which the old one will seem just childish babble about a broken toy or a scratched knee.

The picture illustrates the current situation very well. The chairs are still empty. Who will take them is still a question. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that one of these chairs is EXACTLY Russian. Who will take the rest is still in question, the near future will show.

What will be this new world order – we can roughly understand after September 21. In the meantime, let’s talk about what it would be superfluous to undertake for each individual person to go through the upcoming changes with the minimum possible loss.

The first thing that is extremely important to do is to change your mindset. It is critically important to abandon familiar stereotypes, clichés and attitudes. Without such a change in thinking, it will be impossible to adequately assess a rapidly changing situation, and promptly respond to it. The unipolar world no longer exists, the United States is no longer the hegemon, it is no longer able to resolve issues alone. And the United States is on the verge of a real collapse, as happened in its time with the USSR – only the collapse of the United States will be an order of magnitude more terrible, because there is no one to control it.

As a consequence, it is important to understand that the economy will collapse for sure. And the worst will be for those countries that are firmly tied to the dollar. The stronger this link is, the worse the state will be. And the worse it will be for each of its inhabitants. Unemployment will go off scale. They will reduce the lion’s share of those who today think that he is a great tsutsundak, without which the planet will stop rotating.

The social component of ALL states, without exception, will be reduced by orders of magnitude, and in many states it will simply disappear. There will be no benefits, no benefits, no pensions – nothing that people are so used to. It is important to understand this already today – and begin preparations to survive in the state, but without the help of the state. Those who work for themselves have such a skill, but those who work for their uncle do not have it at all. “Uncle” even today is not particularly concerned about the well-being of his hired personnel – but soon this “uncle” will stop being interested in this issue completely.

Therefore, the sooner a person understands this, the sooner he begins to rebuild on independent rails – the higher his chances of surviving elementary during the period of upcoming changes. This will really be the time when “the rescue of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves.” No one intentionally is going to drown anyone, but no one will save anyone either. The maximum they will offer is help to those who flounder themselves. Whoever does not flounder, and is used to the fact that SOMEONE keeps him afloat, will go to the bottom.

While there is time, you need to prepare for the fact that there will be no support. This applies to ALL employees without exception. Only those who are really specialists of the highest level, and there is simply no one to replace, will remain in demand. The entire service industry will die. In the near future, a person will have to choose between a manicure or eyelash extensions – and buying warm clothes and the simplest food. I think it is clear which choice will be made. And I repeat – this will happen not only in Russia, it will happen ALL OVER THE WORLD! In Russia, in my opinion, it will even be much easier than in the rest of the world – but it will not seem like a little.

Demanding, protesting, indignant is pointless. This is not a whim of those in power, this is an objective global process, a global transition period from one model of the world order to another, and such processes are ALWAYS extremely painful.

It makes no sense now to engage in hoarding, to try to save money for a rainy day. When that day comes, all savings, in any currency, will turn into simple multi-colored pieces of paper, which they, in fact, are in fact. And so beloved by everyone now, the dollar will be the FIRST to turn into these pieces of paper. This will happen this autumn with a probability of 75-80%, and by the spring of 21 – 100%. Other currencies will follow the dollar. Therefore, if you have any savings, transfer them from cut paper and numbers on the monitor to something REAL.

These are primarily tools. Any tools with which you can CREATE something . It doesn’t matter if today you don’t know how to use them – in the very near future life will force you to quickly learn this.

The most promising investment of your today’s savings will be TRAINING. Learning what will be really necessary and useful. Nobody will soon need marketers, lawyers, financiers, economists and other today’s “specialists” who are essentially doing crap, without which mankind can perfectly do. Carpenters, plumbers, locksmiths will be needed – no one and nowhere can do without them.

Good IT people will be needed. But it is the GOOD ones who have the qualifications that allow them to set the task of the state level and importance. Everyone else will be asked to “go out”, writing worthless entertainments will no longer be paid.

Entrepreneurs will be needed – they will give impetus to the launch of a new economic system. But entrepreneurs, too, will have to radically restructure their thinking, and realize that the business model they are used to is no longer possible. Those who do not understand this will cease to exist very soon.

Doctors will be needed. Teachers will be needed. But not the doctors and teachers who consider themselves as such today – but the real ones. Those doctors who remember that they took the Hippocratic Oath and went into this profession in order to heal people – and not to earn money. And those teachers who went into the profession to teach children – and not make a career at the expense of these children. All others will also be asked to “leave.”

While you have time, invest your savings in self-education. Adequately assess your current specialty in terms of being in demand in the conditions, roughly speaking, of the “rationing system”, adequately assess the level of your qualifications in this specialty. And either urgently improve this qualification if the specialty itself remains in demand – or change the specialty if you understand that it has no prospects. Unnecessary ballast will be thrown off without hesitation – and it depends only on you whether you turn out to be this ballast or not. Neither outrage nor protest will help. The dissatisfied will simply tighten the nuts, there are many ways for this.

It makes no sense to stock up on food. You can make a reasonable reserve for a couple of weeks in case of a situation where you cannot leave the house for a while. But it is pointless to rush headlong into the supermarket and sweep everything off the shelves. All the same, you will not stock up for life, and you will only provoke panic among others, the same.

It is much wiser to learn in advance how to get your own products, create them – and, which is extremely important, learn to make do with the really necessary minimum, deliberately give up those excesses that you are used to today. And EVERYONE WITHOUT EXCEPTION is accustomed to excesses – they just do not want to admit it.

It is extremely important to learn how to help those who really need help. With this today, most have a real problem. A world tied to money and personal gain no longer exists. What the new world will be like is still a question. And during the transitional period, unshakable values ​​will come to the fore – this is selflessness and mutual assistance. The ability to help SIMPLY SO, not for SOMETHING, but simply because you can help. Most people who are quite well-off today are not capable of this. They sincerely believe that they themselves are in need – and do not notice next to them those who do not have even a hundredth of what they have.

Those who really need have developed the ability to share the latter, often even to their own detriment – their life forced them to learn this, otherwise they simply would not have survived. Now this ability needs to be acquired by the maximum number of people – primarily for their own survival. If you help, they will help you. It is in this sequence – FIRST you, and only THEN you. You can consider this as a kind of God’s providence, in this way He returns to a person those qualities that he laid in him … and which a person deliberately abandoned. Whoever continues to refuse them will not survive. And it will be quite fair and deserved.

The expression “if you can help – help, and be happy that God answers someone’s prayers through you” – it is highly desirable to make everyone his life credo. Otherwise, no one will hear YOUR prayers either. And it doesn’t matter at all whether SOMEONE did it or not. The only thing that matters is whether YOU did it.

If someone was expecting that I would give recommendations about what specific products to buy, what tools to stock, i.e. I will give a direct step-by-step instruction of actions – I wrote about this back in early May. Since then, nothing has changed, the set of actions remains the same.


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