Predictions of Vanga from 2008 to 5079!

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Bulgarian seer Vanga is known for her prophetic predictions not only about the earth and individual people. She also has “cosmic prophecies” about our future and changes in the nearest planets of the solar system.

The blind clairvoyant in her visions traveled the afterlife and was carried away by her soul to the far reaches of the cosmos.

The soothsayer claimed that our Earth is not the only inhabited planet in the universe and that one day humanity will be forced to meet aliens from other worlds.

While people send interplanetary probes to stars and possible inhabitants of other planets, according to Baba Vanga: we do not need to look for aliens – an alien mind will fly to Earth from the planet Vamfim.

Summarizing Vanga’s predictions by years:

2000 to 3000

  • 2008 – Attempts on 4 heads of government. The conflict on Hindustan. This will be one of the reasons for the 3rd World War.
  • 2010 – The beginning of the 3rd World War. The war will begin in November 2010 and end in October 2014. It will begin as usual, then nuclear weapons will be used first, and then chemical weapons.
  • 2011 – As a result of radioactive fallout in the Northern Hemisphere, there will be no animals or vegetation. Then the Muslims will start a chemical war against the surviving Europeans.
  • 2014 – Most people will suffer from ulcers, skin cancer, and other skin diseases (a consequence of chemical warfare).
  • 2016 – Europe is almost deserted.
  • 2018 – China becomes the new world power. Developing countries are being transformed from exploited to exploiters.
  • 2023 – The Earth’s orbit will change a little.
  • 2025 – Europe is still underpopulated.
  • 2028 – Creating a new energy source (probably this is a controlled thermonuclear reaction). Hunger is gradually being overcome. A manned spacecraft starts to Venus.
  • 2033 – The polar ice is melting. The level of the oceans is rising.
  • 2043 – The global economy is booming. Muslims rule in Europe.
  • 2046 – Any organs are grown. Organ replacement is becoming one of the best treatments.
  • 2066 – During the attack on Muslim Rome, the United States uses a new type of weapon – climatic. A sharp cooling.
  • 2076 – Classless society (communism).
  • 2084 – Restoration of nature.
  • 2088 – A new disease – aging in a few seconds !!!
  • 2097 – Rapid aging is defeated.
  • 2100 – The Artificial Sun illuminates the dark side of the Earth.
  • 2111 – People become cyborgs (living robots).
  • 2123 – Wars between small states. Powers do not intervene.
  • 2125 – In Hungary, they will receive signals from space (again, everyone will remember Vanga).
  • 2130 – Colonies under water (with the help of alien advice).
  • 2164 – Animals are transformed into semi-humans.
  • 2167 – The New Religion.
  • 2170 – Great Drought.
  • 2183 – A colony on Mars becomes a nuclear power and demands independence from the Earth (as the USA used to be from England).
  • 2187 – It will be possible to stop the eruption of 2 large volcanoes.
  • 2195 – Marine colonies are fully provided with energy and food.
  • 2196 – A complete mixture of Asians and Europeans.
  • 2201 – Thermonuclear processes slow down on the Sun. It is getting cold.
  • 2221 – In search of extraterrestrial life, humanity comes into contact with something terrible.
  • 2256 – A spaceship brought to Earth a new terrible disease.
  • 2262 – The orbits of the planets are gradually changing. Mars is threatened by a comet.
  • 2271 – Changed physical constants are re-calculated.
  • 2273 – A mixture of yellow, white and black races. New races.
  • 2279 – Energy from nothing (probably from a vacuum or from black holes).
  • 2288 – Time Travel. New contacts with aliens.
  • 2291 – The sun is cooling. Attempts are being made to light it again.
  • 2296 – Powerful flashes in the sun. The force of gravity changes. Old space stations and satellites begin to fall.
  • 2299 – In France, a partisan movement against Islam.
  • 2302 – New important laws and secrets of the Universe are discovered.
  • 2304 – The secret of the moon is revealed.
  • 2341 – Something terrible is approaching the Earth from space.
  • 2354 – An accident in one of the artificial Suns leads to drought.
  • 2371 – The Great Famine.
  • 2378 – A new fast-growing race.
  • 2480 – Collide 2 artificial Suns. Earth at dusk.

3000 to 4000

  • 3005 – War on Mars. The trajectories of the planets will be broken.
  • 3010 – The comet will ram the moon. Around the Earth – a belt of stones and dust.
  • 3797 – By this time, all life will die on Earth, but humanity will be able to lay the foundations for a new life in another star system.
  • 3803 – The new planet is a little populated. Few contacts between people. The climate of the new planet affects the organisms of people – they mutate.
  • 3805 – The war between people for resources. More than half of people die out.
  • 3815 – The war is over.
  • 3854 – The development of civilization practically stops. People live in packs, like animals.
  • 3871 – A new prophet tells people about moral values, religion.
  • 3874 – The new prophet receives the support of all segments of the population. A new Church is being organized.
  • 3878 – Aliens, along with the new Church, re-educate people in forgotten sciences.

From 4000 to 5000

  • 4302 – New cities are growing on the planet. The leadership of the new Church stimulates the development of technology and science.
  • 4302 – The development of science. Scientists discover common mechanisms in the influence of all diseases on human organism.
  • 4304 – Found a way to defeat any disease.
  • 4308 – Due to the mutation, people are finally starting to use their brain by more than 34%. The concept of evil and hatred completely disappears.
  • 4509 – Acquaintance with God. Man finally reaches such a level of development that he can communicate with God.
  • 4599 – People gain immortality.
  • 4674 – The development of civilization reaches its peak. The number of people living on different planets is about 340 billion. Assimilation with aliens begins.
  • 5076 – The boundary of the universe is found. What nobody knows for her.
  • 5078 – A decision was made to leave the borders of the universe. Although about 40 percent of the population is against.
  • 5079 – The End of the World.


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