Predictions of Vanga and Nostradamus for 2021: what to prepare for

(ORDO NEWS) — As a rule, most of the predictions of the seers come true over time. Vanga has repeatedly said that a new disease will come from the east with two deuces a year. Experts incorrectly decoded her words and expected the emergence of a new virus not from China, but from Africa.

Vang also said that at the end of 2020, humanity will be able to find a cure for the disease, which will spread throughout the planet.

baba vanga

She added that medicine will move forward and even a cure for cancer will be invented.

An interesting prediction is that in 2021 Trump will fall ill with an unknown disease and remain deaf and have brain problems. In addition, the president of Russia, who may be assassinated, should also be careful.

After all this, an unknown event will happen, which will force the three largest countries to unite among themselves in 2021. It is worth preparing for numerous cataclysms and terrorist attacks.

The prophecies of Nostradamus sound to some extent like fantasy, but after 2020 even he began to be believed.


He predicted that in 2021 a chemist will create a biological weapon that can turn people into zombies. In addition, he also spoke about the economic crisis and famine, like many other predictors.


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