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(ORDO NEWS) — A person always strives to find out what future awaits them personally, their home country and the whole world. Regardless of what age you are, status and position in society – this topic will certainly arouse your interest. Nostradamus’s predictions for 2022 for Russia and the whole world will give you food for thought about the coronavirus, the economy, world war, etc. Nostradamus, although he lived in the 16th century, left a lot of prophecies for many years to come, they are still arouse genuine interest not only of ordinary people, but also of political scientists, economists and politicians.

Michel Nostradamus biography

What year was Nostradamus born? Michel de Nostredame (fr. Michel de Nostredame) was born on December 14, 1503 in France in the city of Saint-Remy-de-Provence in the family of a notary Joma de Nostredame. He died on July 2, 1566 in the city of Salona from complications after an illness. There is an opinion that he has Jewish roots, however, to check whether this is so, now there is no way.


Young Michel was educated by his grandfather, who not only taught his grandson several languages, but also discovered the most interesting science of astrology for him. At that time, this one was extremely popular and was recognized at the official level. Nostradamus grew, and the stars attracted him more and more.

  • At the age of 14, he entered the University of Avignon, where not only traditional disciplines were taught: geometry, grammar, literature, but also astrology.
  • At the age of 25, young Michel had to change his field of activity. Impressed by several deaths of loved ones from the plague that was raging in Europe at that time, he decides to enter the medical faculty. As a result, he chooses the University of Montpellier and after 5 years leaves its walls with a doctorate in medicine.
  • For a long time, Michel de Nostradam developed a cure for the plague. However, despite the painstaking and hard work with the sick, he never forgot about astrology, which continued to attract his attention. It is believed that he did not stop learning in this area on his own and practiced a lot.

Fact. Such a story has come down to our days. Once Nostradamus was supposed to attend a feast at an important nobleman. And before it began, he said that “the white pig will be eaten by the wolf, and the black one will be baked and served on the table.” The nobleman was indignant, and in order to disgrace the seer, he ordered the white pig to be roasted without fail. The cook rushed to obey the order, and was horrified to find that the white pig had really been eaten by the wolf! He had to bake black, as predicted.


Prophecies of Nostradamus 1

One of the editions of the centuries with prediction quatrains.

At the age of 52, two years old, Nostradamus decides to publish his first collection of encrypted predictions. A total of 353 quatrains were published, with the prophecies of future events around the world. Somewhat later, he expands this edition, however, the astrologer did not live to see the publication of the second volume. About 1 thousand quatrains were published only after his death.

Fact. The Queen of France, having read the collection of his predictions, invited the astrologer to her place to predict her fate. Among other things, Nostradamus told the queen about the imminent death of her husband, Henry II. When the prophecy came true, Nostradamus became incredibly popular throughout the country and beyond.

  • The quatrains published by Nostradamus contained predictions for about 2300 years. Some of them turned out to be amazingly truthful, which is why they return to the works of this astrologer again and again.
  • During his lifetime, he became the court astrologer of Catherine de Medici and Charles IX. He was close enough with the highest ranks of the French state and even dared to give advice, to which even the king of France himself listened.
  • The gravestone of the grave of Nostradamus is crowned with the words: “He is the only mortal who, possessing a special gift, was able to capture the future of the whole world on the pages of his books.”

Centuries and quatrains

Throughout his life, Nostradamus wrote several books with predictions. The books were called centurias , and the prophecies themselves were made in poetic form in French and were called quatrains . Many experts are engaged in their interpretation, however, now no one could fully understand the meaning of all the predictions.

Nostradamus himself did not give precise instructions on how exactly to decipher his prophecies. There are several hints on the decryption key. For example, there is an opinion that it is necessary to add 500 years to the date of writing the quatrain, and it is the number obtained that will be the key to unraveling all the secrets. Another well-known prophecy says that in 2050 a man will appear who can decipher all the centuries of the prophet.

  • During his lifetime, he wrote 10 centuries, consisting of 942 quatrains or quatrains, each of which has a logical conclusion. Not all the prophecies of Nostradamus have survived to our time. Only four of the ten centuries have survived. However, the content of most of the quatrains still remains a mystery, since the prophet used a cipher, the key to which has not yet been found.
  • When compiling the prophecies, Nostradamus was based on astronomical calculations. He argued that history is cyclical and the events of the past will happen again sooner or later, it is only important to understand how to correctly calculate their frequency. This principle allowed the astrologer to make provocative statements and startlingly accurate predictions during his lifetime.
  • It is believed that the prophecies of Nostradamus are mostly true. However, about 80% of quatrains are interpreted by different researchers in completely different ways, since there is no common “key”.

Prophecies of Nostradamus for the XXI century

It is quite difficult to determine the exact dates of the prophecies, and it is rather difficult to say that the prophecies made by Nostradamus are about 2022 . Therefore, all the predictions given in this section are rather arbitrary , although they will give you a general idea of ​​the astrologer’s predictions.

Predictions for Russia

Nostradamus 5252

Despite the fact that, for obvious reasons, in his predictions, Nostradamus paid more attention to the countries of Europe and Asia, he did not bypass Russia either. In 2022, our state will continue to strengthen its positions in the international political arena. So, if we summarize the hints that Nostradamus gave in the predictions about Russia in 2022, a number of interesting changes will take place in our state:

  • World judge. For some reason, our state will be entrusted with the task of an international arbiter between Asia and Europe. The country’s leadership will have to make a number of fateful decisions not only for our country, but also for the world community as a whole. As a result, Russia will be able to minimize the conflict and receive serious support from many states.
  • General strengthening. At about the same time, the Russian Federation will be able to seriously strengthen its position in the international arena. The government will finally learn to cooperate with the population, as a result, the standard of living will noticeably increase, and the stratification in society will noticeably decrease.
  • Cooperation with other countries. Cooperation with India and China will prove to be the most fruitful for Russia. Everyone in this union will have their own benefits, however, this will help move together towards a better future.
  • Economy. This direction in 2022 also expects a serious rise after a long recession. A number of laws will be adopted that will be able to reform the existing system and ensure stable economic growth. As a result of the reforms, the agrarian sector of the Russian economy will finally begin to actively develop and by the end of the year Russia will be able to reach record positions in terms of GDP growth.
  • Emigrants. In 2022, Russia will face an unexpected wave of emigrants from some European countries and the Middle East. Residents who will flee the war and the persecution of their own authorities will be able to find shelter in our country.
  • Flooding. In the coming year, some northern regions of our country may be on the verge of flooding from the spring flood. The reason will be climatic changes both in the country itself and in the world. Strong winds and rising average temperatures will cause a lot of trouble for the inhabitants of the Arctic Circle.
  • Fires. One of the harshest prophecies says that around 2020–2030, Siberia and the Far East will suffer from severe fires for several years in a row. It will not be possible to extinguish them on our own, as a result, hundreds of square kilometers of forest and thousands of animals will die. Many residents will find themselves alone with the raging nature.
  • Culture and morality. The attitude of Russians to moral and cultural values ​​will change in a positive direction. In 2022, people will realize that the pursuit of purely enrichment turns them into immoral puppets. Many will understand their mistakes and will try to catch up. The Church will again become an important part of the life of the Russian people and will partly enter the vertical of power.
  • New territories. Also in the quatrains there are hints about the entry of new territories into the country. However, this makes one think about the advisability of such a scenario. The return of Crimea cost Russia too much, even if it is not customary to talk about it.
  • Border wars. Border military conflicts, including between Russia and Ukraine, will come to naught. It will be quite calm on the border with Afghanistan and in Syria. Relations with America will definitely not become partnerships, however, things will not go further than sanctions and claims.

In general, if we analyze all the predictions of the great astrologer, we can conclude that next year our state will be able to overcome existing conflicts and contradictions both within society and in the international arena and begin its movement towards prosperity and prosperity.

USA and Europe

But for America and Europe, Nostradamus predicted the beginning of serious destructive processes. The United States is almost ready to plunge into the abyss of a bloody civil war. And now we really see the real prerequisites for the development of such events. Several years ago, the last step was almost the killing of an African American by police, which rocked the whole world.

The general meaning. The countries of Europe and the United States will gradually have to give up their place as a world leader. Their influence will wane, and many countries will no longer have an alternative but to seek an alliance with more traditional countries.

As we have already said, Nostradamus believed that history is cyclical, and many experts adapt part of his predictions for Europe in the 15th-16th centuries to modern history:

  • The worldview of both the rulers and the population of the countries of the Old and New World will change.
  • Emigrants and people of other faiths who will come to the Old World will bring with them new traditions and customs – there are hints that this will be the beginning of the end of European greatness.
  • According to another version, Europe will be mired in sin, will change the Christian commandments – for which it will be punished.
  • A hastily created “inquisition” will not be able to restore order, and the country will be mired in religious and political riots.

Predictions for the whole world

Nostradamus quite often spoke about natural phenomena and cataclysms, often calling them a consequence of the actions and vices of people themselves. It is now becoming evident that the prophet was absolutely right.

Here are some of the predictions of Nostradamus for 2022 for the whole world:

  • China. This country will take a leading position not only in the field of technology and electronics, but also in the economy and military power. Already now we can say with confidence that the Celestial Empire is already very close to this title. Chinese scientists will come close to inventing a new way to travel hundreds of kilometers in space in a few seconds.
  • Developing countries. Some developing countries like Mexico, India or Brazil will see massive political upheavals. The overall result will be positive, however, human casualties cannot be avoided.
  • Energy. The current energy problems of mankind will be solved gradually. In 2020-2030, the world will discover a new, clean and safe source of energy that will make heat and hydroelectric power plants a thing of the past once and for all. Apparently, we are talking about thermonuclear reactors.
  • Water level rise. During the same period, Nostradamus predicted a rise in sea level as a result of high precipitation levels almost everywhere in the European part of Eurasia. The coast of North America and the island states of Asia and Europe will be affected by the destructive forces of nature.
  • New religion. One of the brightest predictions of Nostradamus speaks of the emergence in the first half of the 21st century of a new religion that will radically change people’s attitude to God and life values. Hazy hints in the astrologer’s quatrains do not allow us to understand exactly on the basis of which religion this new trend will be based, or whose postulates will be closest to it. Someone thinks that this will be a kind of mixing of the Orthodox and Catholic branches of Christianity, someone asserts about the fusion of Christianity and Islam.

World War

Prophecies of Nostradamus 2

The history of mankind is inextricably linked with the waging of wars of various scales. There was not a single period in history that could be called a time of peace. For example, the territory of our state from the very moment of its foundation was torn apart by both internal contradictions and external enemies. Some followers of Nostradamus believe that it is in 2022 that the Third World War may break out. According to the predictions of the astrologer, many states will be forcibly drawn into a large-scale conflict. The roots of the military conflict will go to the confrontation of two or more religions.

  • Antichrist. The appearance of the Antichrist will be the harbinger of these events. Some researchers of quatrains argue that Nostradamus did not mean a person, but some kind of artificial creature, a robot, a machine, or even a program.
  • How it all starts. Researchers disagree about the country that instigated the military conflict and the birthplace of the Antichrist. But the “mass migration of peoples” leaves no doubt, most likely, it was about the conflict in Syria and Afghanistan, as a result of which many countries of the European Union were flooded with Muslim refugees. The clash of cultures will not pass without a trace, newcomers will demand the same rights as the indigenous population, and on this basis social unrest and even armed clashes will begin.

Information war

Humanity has made great strides forward, not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but also in terms of weapons and warfare. It is obvious that the next world war may be the last in history, so countries will avoid open conflict in every possible way. The tense political situation will persist, but the war will unfold rather in the information field.

The predictions of Nostradamus are not very verbose, and are difficult to guess. Most likely, there will be an information war, or, as interpreters say, a war for the souls of people.

“… And the word in that war will be sharper than the sword …”

And as we can see, this war has already begun, it has attacking and defending sides, its own troops and generals … How much better or worse it is than a traditional war – time will tell.

World economy

The world economy, as predicted by Nostradamus, will be in decline for some time. Although a noticeable stabilization of the process is expected in 2022, this means nothing more than no further decline. Our country, despite the general economic chaos, will be able to raise the standard of living of its population in the coming year and even gain a foothold in the world market.

  • Change of centers of influence. The economic potential of the Russian Federation will continue to grow; neither sanctions nor other foreign policy difficulties will interfere with this process. In an alliance with China and India, our country will be able to significantly strengthen its economic system. But the United States will continue to lose its influence in the international arena and will be more occupied with domestic affairs. As a result, the center of influence will move from the United States to Russia and China.
  • Moving people and money. There will be a global movement of people and finances from west to east, which will significantly change the balance of power in Europe.
  • Traditional professions. Many people, due to global changes in the economy, will decide to try themselves in a new field. Someone will decide to change their profession and look for new ways to earn money. However, according to the prediction of Nostradamus, representatives of traditional professions will gradually become the most successful: farmers, artisans, agronomists, etc.

About the climate

Large-scale natural disasters were predicted by many prophets, and Michel Nostradamus was no exception. Although in those days there were no such problems as we see now, the information encrypted in the quatrains clearly indicates not only climate change, but also serious natural disasters.

  • Fires. Massive fires will cause great problems around the world. The astrologer argued: the fire will be of such strength that it will be impossible to see either the moon or the stars in the sky. In Africa, according to the prediction of Nostradamus, famine and drought will begin. Many victims of natural disasters and famine will begin to relocate to western Europe. However, fires here will also cause food shortages and weaken local government.
  • World Flood. While one part of the world will suffer from drought and fires, the other will be covered with endless downpours, as a result of which the water level in the oceans will rise. As a result, some coastal areas around the planet will be flooded. The result will be the same: poverty, hunger, riots. Most natural disasters will occur in Oceania and Australia.
  • The fall of the asteroid. Nostradamus also spoke about the falling of a star on the Earth, which would lead to a tsunami of incredible strength, from which entire states could disappear from the face of the Earth.

Disease and Epidemic Predictions

Prophecies of Nostradamus 3

The coronavirus, which began in 2020 and continues to this day in 2022, has radically changed the whole world. He forced states to rethink the health care system, vaccination issues, close borders and cut themselves off from the rest of the world, which seemed impossible in the era of globalization.

In the quatrains of Nostradamus there were hints of the emergence of a new infection that would take the lives of millions. The disease will continue to torment humanity for 3 years, until finally a means is found to defeat it.

Parade of planets in 2022

According to some interpreters, Nostradamus has quatrains that indicate some kind of planetary catastrophe on the day of the parade of the planets. Here is one of the literal prophecies:

… That year the Sun will be in the constellation Leo opposite Aquarius …

Because of this, a catastrophe can occur on our planet, as a result of which humanity will almost completely perish. However, such astronomical phenomena occur regularly – approximately once every 20 years, and they have not yet led to the death of all living things. The next parade of planets will be in March 2022 .

It is believed that the earth’s magnetic field can change, and this can lead to a sharp jump in temperature, after which irreversible changes will begin on the entire planet:

  • Much of the water will evaporate.
  • Very strong hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Sleeping volcanoes will wake up.
  • Volcanic ash and high humidity will create an analogue of “nuclear winter”.

All life on the planet can disappear, unable to withstand these terrible events! But do not panic in advance: perhaps Nostradamus was wrong. And the parade of planets in 2022, about which the prophet spoke, will be an ordinary cosmic phenomenon, no different from what happened before.

The last prediction

Quite an interesting video – the last prediction of Nostradamus.

Should we believe the prophecies of Nostradamus?

Quatrains of Nostradamus are still a mystery. Even during his lifetime, the astrologer believed that not everyone could see the future and know its secrets. Only a worthy person, in his opinion, will be able to decipher his allegories and put together an accurate picture of the future from them. That is why he clothed prophecy in a poetic form that still baffles the most perspicacious minds of our time.

The fulfilled predictions of Nostradamus

Prophecies of Nostradamus 4

During his life, Nostradamus made many prophecies not only for Catherine de Medici. He pointed to many events of our time, therefore his predictions are considered one of the most truthful and often refer to the collections of the prophecies of the French medium. His works are still of great interest not only among philosophers, politicians, historians, but also among ordinary people.

Here are some of the astrologer’s predictions that came true:

  • Duel and death of King Henry II of France.
  • A massive fire that engulfed almost all of Paris.
  • The reign of Napoleon, whom the prophet called the First Antichrist.
  • Creation of the Gregorian calendar in 1582.
  • Recognition of the independence of the United States in 1776.
  • Invention and first balloon flights in 1778.
  • The emergence of telephone communications in 1876.
  • Revolutionary coup d’etat in Russia in 1917 and the Civil War.
  • The coming of the Second Antichrist in 1939 – Hitler and the beginning of World War II.
  • The atomic bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Of course, not all of his prophecies have come true. Most have remained a mystery, while others seem impossible. However, the past shows that it is still worth listening to the sound of the astrologer’s quatrains, because they really contain many mysteries of the future.

Constructive criticism

There is a lot of criticism of the prophecies of the French astrologer

  • Among the interpreters of quatrains, there are very few really serious scientists.
  • The content of the quatrains can be interpreted from completely different points of view, interpreting them this way and that.
  • Some believe that all predictions are just fiction, and Nostradamus specially composed them in such a way that they could not be deciphered.
  • In 2012, the whole world was shocked by his prediction of Nostradamus about the approaching end of the world, which did not happen.


The future worries everyone, because this is how you can prepare for upcoming events, protect yourself and your loved ones, feeling confident in the coming day. Of course, not everyone can see the future. However, only those who have been given this gift of heaven know how dear it is to pay for the opportunity to look into the future with at least one eye. Michel de Nostradamus was one such unique person. This astrologer predicted the future in his quatrains, and was able to foresee what would happen on the planet. Some of his prophecies have already come true, many are coming true right now.

We tried to acquaint you with the predictions of Nostradamus for 2022, but it’s up to you to believe in them or not.


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