Predictions for 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2021, normal life will return by the end of the summer, and virtual reality will be on the rise.

1) There will be a new drug that will become the “light at the end of the tunnel” for people suffering from the long and severe course of the disease caused by the Coronavirus (Covid), researchers will make new discoveries.

2) A train crash in Europe will lead to loss of life.

3) A strange weather phenomenon in Italy.

4) Winter 2021-2022 will be harsh in Europe, but with less snow than usual.

5) The victims of the clash between police and protesters in Belarus.

6) Macron is struggling to hold onto power amid public anger in France.

7) In Europe, wildfires will break out in an unusual place.

8) A tense confrontation in the Baltic States and a military clash can be avoided literally a step away from war.

9) Xi Jinping will face problems from within.

10) An accident in the South China Sea will threaten the stability of the region.

11) State-sponsored kidnapping headlines in the news.

13) The world powers will make new attempts to achieve peace in Syria.

14) Traveling will become easier with headphones that can translate foreign languages.

15) The airships are returning.

16) Augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming mainstream.

17) A big corporate fraud scandal will be revealed.

18) Custom shopping is coming – soon we will be customizing our clothes as we order them.


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