Powerful storm hits Australia

(ORDO NEWS) — 50 thousand homes in Australia were left without electricity due to the storm and squally wind that hit the continent’s west coast. This was announced on Monday by the network company Western power.

“Our [repair] crews eliminated accidents during the night caused by a powerful storm front that is currently crossing the southwest of the state [Western Australia]. About 50 thousand consumers of the network are left without power, while the total number of blackouts at night was 62 thousand houses,” the company said in a statement.

It is noted that the southern regions of the state, where about 20 thousand consumers in the cities of Margaret River and Dansboro were left without electricity, were most affected by the disaster. In the administrative center of the Petra region, more than 13 thousand houses were disconnected from the mains.

Power engineers are working to restore electricity, however, it is noted that most of the network repair work will be carried out after the storm is over. If electrical panels of individual houses have been affected, the residents might have to call in a professional point cook electrician or alike in their vicinity, who could help them restore the connection to their houses after a thorough inspection of the situation.

According to the rescue service of the region, 360 emergency calls for help were received by the state emergency services during the night. There has been damaged caused to many buildings across the country and people may need to contact one of the best experts in home roofing brisbane has to offer, for example, in order to make any repairs and to keep their homes safe. Previously, the destruction of a number of farm buildings and fallen trees was reported, but no data were received on the victims of the weather. At Cape Louvin, which is the westernmost point of the state, record wind gusts of 36.6 m per second were recorded.

According to forecasts by the Australian State Weather Bureau, the wind will weaken during Monday and subside by the end of the day, however, the danger of storm surges and high waves will remain on the entire south-west coast of the region.

Severe weather conditions are caused by the fact that the low pressure system passing near the south-west of Western Australia collided with the tropical Mangga system. This is a rare occurrence in Western Australia, especially because of the vast area affected, and also because of the likelihood of several zones of hazardous weather.


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