Powerful magnetic storm is approaching: doctors told how to avoid the consequences

(ORDO NEWS) — The inhabitants of the Earth in the summer of 2020 expects a very powerful magnetic storm. The strike will take place on July 15, and for another three days people will feel the results of the strongest geo-storm. For those who suffer from various cardiovascular diseases, doctors advise you to have the appropriate medications with you.

According to experts in the field of astronomy of the Sun, this huge star ejects a lot of energy into the environment every second. These emissions are accompanied by solar vortices, which in some cases reach our planet and thus affect its magnetic field.

In addition to several days in mid-July, another one, but already of medium power, people should wait for a blow at the end of the month – on the 29th. Also during this period, people who have some kind of chronic disease may experience an exacerbation, and a headache may begin.

Those who acutely feel magnetic storms, or simply to prevent deterioration of well-being, according to experts, need to try to avoid stressful situations, take drugs with a calming effect, and drink tea to relax. A warm bath, for example, with the addition of aromatic oils or salt, will help improve the condition.

There are several other ways to protect yourself from a geostorm.

For example, you need to drink a lot of water. It is also better on such days to abandon intense physical exertion and replace them with walks in the fresh air. Doctors advise to refuse fast food, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, coffee, or to reduce its use to a minimum and other drinks, which increase activity. Sleep well – this is another important recommendation that can help prevent deterioration during magnetic storms.


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