Post-Covid syndrome could lead to a generation of disabled people

(ORDO NEWS) — A professor from Imperial College London urges not to turn a blind eye to the coronavirus pandemic and one of its most important problems – the so-called prolonged Covid-19.

Long-term coronavirus disease, or post-COVID syndrome – where some of the symptoms and effects of Covid-19 do not go anywhere for a long period of time – can lead to an entire generation of people suffering from disabilities.

This opinion was expressed in an exclusive interview for the British edition of The Guardian by Professor Danny Altmann, an immunologist from Imperial College London.

According to the media, according to the National Statistical Service, at the end of January this year, about one and a half million people in the UK, that is, 2.4 percent of its population, reported symptoms that persisted more than a month after infection (45 percent had them for as long as at least a year).

A lot of research has been devoted to the long -term Covid-19, its symptoms , unexpected consequences, the fact that even young people and children cannot avoid this problem.

As a relatively recent (December 2021) study by the British National Institute for Health Research showed , over 70 percent of people who required hospitalization due to coronavirus did not fully recover even 12 months after recovery.

Many had very severe long-term symptoms: high fatigue even with little physical exertion, muscle pain, shortness of breath, brain fog, absent-mindedness, difficulty concentrating.

The reasons why many people experience post-covid syndrome, and some still manage not to encounter it, are still not clear, although scientists have put forward some hypotheses.

It is precisely because of the risk of developing long-term symptoms and consequences that will affect people’s well-being, prevent them from living and working at their usual pace, Altmann said that it is impossible to lift restrictions so abruptly and pretend that the pandemic is over, since Omicron turned out to be milder. previous strains.

“This is a global problem. There are at least five million people on the planet with long-term Covid-19. <…> And everyone has a lot of problems.

This will deprive people of housing, work, and in some cases lead to suicide, ”the professor believes. He urged that the post-COVID syndrome be taken seriously, improve diagnosis and work to establish the cause of this condition, and governments should actively fund such research.


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