Possible reason for missing ships in the Bermuda Triangle

(ORDO NEWS) — About 500 years ago, it was revealed that there is a strange region in the Atlantic Ocean where anomalous things are happening. So, for example, Christopher Columbus observed an unusual glow in the area. The outskirts of the Bermuda Triangle are often used, as ships pass through them to ports in North and South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

In the Bermuda Triangle, ships have disappeared more than once. All catastrophes were attributed to paranormal phenomena, which scientists deny in every possible way. Sometimes sea monsters are blamed. For years, marine biologists have not been able to figure out who leaves marks on the deep inhabitants. Now the riddle has been solved.

The Bermuda Triangle is home to the deepest underwater canyon in the world. The depth of the Puerto Rico trench in the southern part of the region reaches 8.3 thousand meters. Scientists have seen a tiger shark with severe injuries on the body. During the study of the predator, it was found that the creature enters the trough called the “Tongue of the Ocean” near Rose Island. This is the deepest point of the Grand Bahamas Canyon.

Experts have information about the creatures living in the depths, unknown to science. Some exploration of the depths allowed only to notice the cutter shark. This is a small creature (up to 50 cm), but with a daring character. During the day, the shark is at the bottom, while at night it swims out to hunt. Interestingly, it attacks whales, tuna and even white sharks. The creation leaves deep wounds in the form of a small cookie.

The sea depths in terms of the level of knowledge are on the same position with Mars. Their research requires a lot of effort, as well as financial investment. Experts are amazed at biodiversity every time: many creatures successfully live without sunlight and under great pressure. Perhaps, over time, in the Bermuda Triangle, it will be possible to find creatures that are guilty of a number of incidents.


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