“Portal to Hell” that was put out in the middle of the ocean last year is now releasing tons of toxic gas

(ORDO NEWS) — Remember the fiery “portal to hell” that opened in the Gulf of Mexico in 2021? Scientists have recorded that now methane has begun to flow out of it in incredible quantities, and this is actually a large-scale environmental disaster.

If you do not know what is at stake, now we will briefly recall this interesting story. Back in July 2021, an underwater field broke out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pemex, the owner of the pipeline, said the underwater gas leak was struck by lightning. The ocean raged in orange waves of flame for at least six hours before the fire was extinguished.

And now, tons of toxic methane is leaking from the same drilling rig called Ku-Malob-Zaap.

Large-scale ecological disaster

Earlier this week it became known that Ku-Malob-Zaap released about 44,064 tons of methane into the atmosphere in just 24 days of August.

That’s the equivalent of leaking 3.7 million tons of carbon dioxide, or about the same as 719,926 homes use electricity a year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In fact, a methane leak from a gas pipeline is a massive environmental disaster. And although this gas does not linger in the atmosphere for as long as CO 2, according to preliminary estimates, it is 80 times more dangerous than greenhouse gas.


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