Portable and always available Minecraft Pocket Edition

(ORDO NEWS) — You don’t want to part with your favorite game, especially if it is made in the form of a sandbox. It is always interesting to spend even a couple of free minutes with her. The mobile version of Minecraft PE is the perfect solution for fans of this legendary game.

It is well optimized and gives access to all the mechanics from the original. Moreover, the developers are actively updating the product, releasing new characters and themes. The next major patch 1.14 was no exception, which can be found in more detail on the website .

The main innovations of honey update 1.14

New conditionally peaceful mobs are introduced into the game – bees. They love flowers, live in the plains and forests, and return to the hive at night or if it starts to rain. The main benefit is to increase the yield, the player can also extract honey or breed bees.

However, killing them does nothing. But if you still want to add bloodiness to the game, you should become a vampire. Detailed instructions on how to do this are presented here https://www.planet-mc.net/mods/8893-vampire-craft.html . Everything is quite simple and clear.

Added new mechanics in the honey update, now you can:

• Create hives, honey blocks and honeycombs. On the portal https://www.planet-mc.net/ you can read more about this.
• Contribute to the migration of the hive, the bees follow the player with flowers in their hands.
• Collect new goods – honey. It has 5 levels and is collected in hives. The product allows you to restore health and remove the effect of poisoning.
• Increase the yield of the garden or breed rare flowers with the help of bees.

The developers did not limit themselves to the honey theme, useful changes were made to virtually all aspects of the Minecraft PE game. For example, they completely reworked the sounds, they became better, more interesting.

The loading of worlds has been accelerated, while dozens of bugs in the generation have been fixed. Numerous bugs of the mobile version have been removed – automatic shot from a crossbow, various invisible objects, artifacts with freezing and fire effects have now been fixed.

Tips for playing the new version of Minecraft PE

Be sure to try out the bee mechanics. For example, if you put honey blocks that are collected from 4 honey vials, you can reduce fall damage by 85%. The bees themselves will be an excellent addition to the garden, flower bed or greenhouse.

However, they are afraid of rain and quickly hide in hives. By the way, it’s not recommended to attack the workers themselves, it’s useless, they don’t generate loot, but the whole hive can pull up for defense and it will be difficult for even an experienced player to survive.

Owners of weak smartphones will now get more features and comfort from the game. You can safely play on large worlds, they load quickly and practically do not slow down. A lot of optimization work has been done in Minecraft PE 1.14, so this is the best time to try out a new experience in the game.


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