Population has officially passed the 8 billion mark

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(ORDO NEWS) — According to United Nations (UN) demographers, there are currently 8 billion people on Earth.

If now for one second the face of every person living on Earth today was shown, then it would take 253 years.

The world population growth rate is actually the slowest since the 1950s. The UN estimates that it will continue to rise until it peaks at 10.4 billion people by 2090, but after that it is likely to plateau.

This situation is confirmed by the world media, stating that in some regions with low mortality, the birth rate has fallen below the threshold level.

The population of the 61 countries and regions falling under this category is expected to decline between now and 2050.

While the relationship between fertility rates and population growth is clear, there are many interrelated factors.

“The relationship between population growth and sustainable development is complex and multifaceted,” said Liu Zhenmin, UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs.

“Rapid population growth makes it difficult to eradicate poverty, fight hunger and malnutrition, and expand coverage in health and education systems.”

“Conversely, achieving the sustainable development goals, especially those related to health, education and gender equality, will contribute to lower fertility rates and slower global population growth.”


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