Popular berry that can cause infertility and cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — American experts from the Environmental Working Group analyzed 36 thousand samples of 48 fruits and berries and compiled a list of the most dangerous. The information given is relevant only for purchased products.

The first place in anti-rating was taken by strawberries. It would seem that dangerous can be in this beloved berry? The answer is simple – pesticides, the content of which sometimes reaches the level of 70%. Almost all strawberry samples contained harmful substances that negatively affect the condition and functioning of the body.

According to experts, pesticides in large quantities may well cause infertility, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, and even oncology.

Of course, pesticides are also found in other berries, vegetables and fruits, including pears, grapes, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. However, as the study showed, it is in strawberries that their concentration exceeds the limit.

In order not to endanger the body, it is better to limit yourself to a small amount of strawberries per season or plant your bushes, which, with proper care, will bear fruit well.

If you discard purchased berries, then strawberries have one benefit: it cleanses the body and renews the composition of the blood. Berries increase the number of red blood cells, have an antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, improve digestion, promote the production of the hormone of joy, strengthen tissues and blood vessels, and improve heart function. There are contraindications, but they are more limited to individual intolerance, gastrointestinal tract disorders and peptic ulcer.

Thus, in order to protect yourself, it is better to grow strawberries yourself or at least limit the consumption of berries from stores. In the markets, they also often sell low-quality goods, so you need to carefully choose.


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