Polyfoam is the optimal sound and heat insulation material

(ORDO NEWS) — Low weight and cost of production, ease of processing and a service life of decades – these are the components of the success of foam in modern industry. It is widely used in packaging, heat and sound insulation, and is used in various fillers. A wide range of such products and current prices for it can be found on the website http://www.termoplast.com.ua/cats/penoplast.

There are different types of foam for every need. Cooperation is carried out with various categories of clients.

Tips for choosing foam

It is necessary to purchase only certified foam, especially for wall and floor insulation. It is imperative to clarify this point, to require a certificate. Very often, cheap slabs with a lower density than the declared density simply fall off the facades and are pressed in the underground space.

You should correctly evaluate the task and acquire the desired type of foam. For example, ordinary granules or crushed waste products are not allowed for use in foam concrete. They are allowed to be used only as a filler for packaging, hollow things that must keep their shape.

You may also want to use a construction adhesive to help affix the foam and seal any gaps between the insulation and the wall. This can help prevent drafts or heated air escaping through the gaps and lowering the effectiveness of the insulation.

Industrial types of foam

Foamed polymers are called polystyrene foam. The initial raw material sets the final properties in terms of strength, elasticity and fire resistance. Modern production produces two types of foam:

– EPS. Classic foam of low to medium density, in boards or granules.
– XPS. Extracted foam with a solid structure, no visible balls, it is much denser.

Products offered

Foamed polystyrene foam has the greatest popularity and demand today; they are produced in the form of molded products. The following products should be highlighted:

– Plates PSB-S-15 and PSB-S-25. Optimal solutions for insulating facades and houses. They combine high sound and thermal insulation qualities with low weight and simple fastening technology.
– Reinforced plates PSB-S-35. They stand out with a high density of up to 26 kg / cubic meter. The material is used for insulating floors, warehouses, parking lots and even roadways.
– Shells for pipes PSB-S-25 and PSB-S-35. Protect communications from corrosion, frostbite, retain heat, and minimize energy losses on the mains.
– Graphite foam. A new type of material, distinguished by the high strength of the board and 20% higher thermal insulation properties than ordinary polystyrene foam.
– Granules for the production of foam concrete. Ready-made filler, which must be added to lightweight concrete, according to the calculated proportion under the brand 200-500.
– Foiled polystyrene. Rolled heat and sound insulation material. It is used in apartments for underfloor heating systems or for additional light insulation.


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