Politicizing coronavirus, US loses in war with it

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The fight against coronavirus should be “a people’s war, in which science rules everything,” says the Global Times. But in the US, the dominant position was taken by politicians who ignore the opinions of experts, do not learn from their mistakes and try to blame all the responsibility on China. According to the publication, America will not be able to win until it stops trying to politicize the pandemic.

With regard to the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, two voices are most clearly heard today, writes the Global Times. One, political, advocates the speedy resumption of economic activity. Another, representing the scientific community, insists that too early the abolition of the regime of social distance can provoke new outbreaks of the disease.

In addition, as the publication draws attention, American politicians are also in favor of holding China accountable. And practically none of the US scientists shares this position.

According to the newspaper, the fight against COVID-19 should be “a people’s war in which science rules everything.” However, in America, politicians, not scholars, dominated this confrontation. President Donald Trump and many senior US officials have repeatedly made statements that contradict scientific facts and urged people not to believe the experts. They do not want to approach the problem rationally and analyze their mistakes – it is easier to throw the blame on China in an attempt to achieve a “political balance”.

What is noteworthy, influential American media also does not help society to look at themselves from the outside, because each of the resources usually already occupies a political side.

The Global Times emphasizes: the fight against coronavirus is truly a “people’s war”, but only Americans began to be mobilized too late and without a scientific approach. The most elementary is how long did it take for the US people to finally wear masks? Only recently has a corresponding rule been introduced for White House employees. But Washington’s attempts to politicize the situation all this time did not stop even for a minute. The authorities continue to instill in people the idea that they should return to work correctly, they should not be afraid of an epidemic, and China is to blame for everything.

How can such an America defeat the virus? The United States never formed a united front, unified strategy, and meanwhile the number of deaths from the disease exceeded 82 thousand. And without having established a clear system for tracking infected people, the country’s authorities are in a hurry to resume economic activity.

According to the newspaper, due to the peculiarities of its US state system, it is very difficult to coordinate measures to combat the epidemic in all parts of the country. The widespread consolidation of efforts does not help the constant political confrontation between the two parties.

“In the measures taken to combat the epidemic, the United States failed to take advantage of its strong scientific potential and a more developed healthcare system. America leads a chaotic struggle, which is expensive and brings little good, and the main victims of which are ordinary people. Unfortunately, in such circumstances, in most situations, now the US is resorting to trying to evade responsibility and blame all the blame on China,” the Global Times claims.

According to the publication, “the world ‘s only superpower is degenerating .” If the United States now has the most infections and deaths, it means that they have poor defense against the virus, so it’s time to strengthen the systems of prevention and control over the spread of the disease. The only way to “ make America great again ” is to start putting science above politics.


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