Polish diplomat found a lost city in Turkey

(ORDO NEWS) — A Polish diplomat accidentally helped solve a mystery that scientists had been unable to solve for two hundred years. He managed to discover the ancient city of Thebes, which played an incredibly important role in the conflict that arose between the Byzantine Empire and the Muslim caliphates.

Diplomat Robert D. Rokicki has a passion for archeology, which is why he repeatedly explored the Turkish countryside and tried to find places with a rich history.

When Rokitski was walking through the territory of south-central Anatolia near the Taurus Mountains, he came to the small village of Pinarkaya, which is located in the province of Karaman. He suggested that she could be involved in many historical events, but at the same time she had absolutely nothing to do with the ancient city of Thevas.

Soon, however, he managed to accidentally discover the remains of this mysterious city, which was located in Anatolia, Asia Minor. It was controlled not only by the Romans, but also by the Byzantines until the 9th century AD.

They tried to find the city in various places, because there was very little information about it, and then it was ambiguous. For example, the historian Pliny wrote that Theivas is located in the Taurus Mountains. The search lasted for two centuries, but there was no result.

As it turned out, Fivasa until the 6th century was a city that not everyone knew about. But due to the fact that neighboring Cilicia was conquered by Muslims, the political dynamics in the region completely changed.

Stephen Mitchell said that thanks to the discovery of this city, it will be possible to get answers to many questions. In particular, experts will be able to learn exactly how the Byzantine forces moved so quickly and efficiently between Adana and Ikniy.

Since Rokicki relatively recently discovered exactly where the ancient city is located, they are just starting to search in this territory. Scientists are confident that they will soon be able to discover a huge number of artifacts, as well as inscriptions, with which you can learn more about this mysterious city.


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