Polish clairvoyant saw in 2021 the war on vaccines, many graves and coffins

(ORDO NEWS) — Quite a few clairvoyants have already spoken about the events of 2021, Wojciech Glanz from Poland is no exception. Unfortunately, the forecast turned out to be disappointing.

The new year will be a time of new restrictions and oppression. Wojciech noted that people will face a war with vaccines and tragedies worse than the coronavirus. So, in the vision there were many graves and coffins. It’s time for children and animals. There was a stench, as if the corpses were poorly buried. There were wrecked trucks on the road.

The clairvoyant believes that some sabotage will happen during the transportation of vaccines, a pogrom of ampoules is not excluded. There will be scandals in hospitals, they will not be believed right away. This is expected in the middle of the year.

Until the mass vaccination, the situation will be ambiguous, the authorities will continue to frighten the population, tightening quarantine measures. Even Internet censorship in some countries is not excluded.

Glanets told about April with particular concern. There will be some kind of disaster that will affect people even more of the coronavirus. The new year will be good too. For example, people will open their eyes to really important things. Many people realize the value of everyday things, will reconsider their worldview.


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