Polish clairvoyant predicted financial disaster in July 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — On February 25, parapsychologist and clairvoyant from Poland Krzysztof Jackowski said live that an economic crisis should be expected in the summer. Problems will start around July. The exact date is unknown.

The psychic noted that the impending crisis has long been planned. The first messages from politicians will go out in April. They will convince the people that everything is under control. Krzysztof saw a dramatic decline, which was already observed in 1929. Problems will start suddenly.

The countries will hold back the crushing of currencies (dollar, euro), and in part they will succeed in the first few months, but in the end, a significant recession will still follow.

The first “bells” are already available. The United States, for example, organized the mass printing of new money last year, bringing in printing presses in addition to the existing ones. It is possible that other countries are doing the same now. Prices in dollars for all types of goods and services are growing, especially in the real estate market.

There is a possibility that the crisis will still be manageable enough, while some financial “bubbles”, such as cryptocurrency, will burst. In the worst case, the dollar will sag by 50%.

Unfortunately, we cannot say what the world government has in its plans, just as we cannot say for sure whether the Polish psychic can be trusted.


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