Poisonous snake lived in a sealed bottle for a year and survived

(ORDO NEWS) — A man opened a bottle of snake wine and was bitten by a venomous snake.

A venomous snake in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang lived for a year in a sealed bottle and bit a man when he opened the vessel. It is reported by Newsweek.

A man bought three bottles of so-called snake wine for his son, who was suffering from a chronic illness. He tried many methods to cure the child, but without success, so he decided to turn to a Chinese folk remedy – a drink for which the whole poisonous snake is dipped in rice wine or grain alcohol. The ethanol denatures the snake venom and thus makes it harmless.

When the Chinese opened one of the bottles, the snake in it turned out to be alive and bit him. The victim was hospitalized. He received medical attention on time, so the patient survived after the bite.

Drinking snake wine can be dangerous, according to National Geographic, as snakes sometimes survive in bottles. This happens when the bottle is poorly sealed and enough air enters for the reptile to breathe. In addition, through snakes, you can become infected with deadly parasites.

At the same time, Wolfgang Wüster, lecturer in zoology and herpetology at the University of Bangor in Wales, believes that the survival of a snake in a sealed bottle is impossible.

“No snake can survive being submerged in a liquid in a bottle for more than an hour. Snakes don’t have magical abilities, they are made of flesh and blood like other animals. They require food, water and oxygen to survive,” he stressed.

The lecturer noted that snakes do not have medicinal properties either. In his opinion, traditional medicine is useless and negatively affects the well-being of rare species such as pangolins.

“Many species are endangered due to irresponsible consumption for so-called traditional medicine,” he rages.

Some snakes become inactive at a certain temperature, but they must have enough oxygen to survive. Although the stay of the snake in a similar state during the year is unlikely.


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