Plastic surgeons surprised the web by showing the image of the perfect woman

(ORDO NEWS) — To create the perfect image of a woman, surgeons from the UK used data from 16 celebrities. Plastic surgeons from Transform Hospital Group took photos of popular singers, actresses and models to implement their idea. But what happened to them caused more indignation than delight.

Dаily Мail informs about it.

According to surgeons, the owner of the most proportional bust is the model Rosie Huntingot Whiteley (wife of British actor Jason Stateham). The doctors borrowed the waist from Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Lopez has the most attractive buttocks. The most aesthetic hands of the actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

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According to research, the optimal length of a woman’s legs should be 1.4 times longer than the upper part of the body. Victoria Beckham has such a ratio of parameters. Emma Watson’s ankles are ideal for a healthy woman (girth 23 cm), but the feet were taken from Scarlett Johansson.

Experts did not find better eyebrows than Holly Willoughby’s, so they used them to create the image. From Cara Delevingne, the model got cheekbones. The surgeons also used Beyoncé’s eyes, Cameron Diaz’s chin, Jennifer Lawrence’s nose, Anne Hathaway’s ears and Angelina Jolie’s lips. The picture was completed by Margot Robbie’s swan neck and Lily James’s hair.

The result of the work done unpleasantly surprised Internet users. They noted that the woman in the picture was more like Frankenstein than ideal. According to most people, there is no better creator than nature.


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