Plants that are disappearing due to global warming have been identified

(ORDO NEWS) — Employees of the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution in the United States in their study identified plants that are on the verge of extinction due to global warming. Among the “losers” was magnolia, according to The Guardian.

Scientists analyzed more than 86,000 plant species and how important they are to humans in terms of economy and agriculture. 20.2 thousand species fell into the category of “losers”.

Among them, in addition to magnolia, were a group of cycads, a family of cypresses, including sequoias and junipers, as well as a family of conifers called araucariaceae.

Experts have warned that climate change threatens 30 percent of all plant species. “This is not a future perspective, this is what is happening right now.

I think that’s the wake up call we’re trying to send to everyone. This is something that we could slow down a bit, but it is happening, ”said one of the authors of the study, botanist John Kress.

More than 6.7 thousand plants that are beneficial to humans were included among the “winners”. The list included rice, wheat, corn and other crops. According to the study, these species cover 40 percent of the planet’s surface.


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