Planets with conditions for life were found not far from Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Near the Earth there are two very similar planets. Well, how close, by cosmic standards, literally in the neighborhood, just 16 light years away.

They were discovered by scientists from Spain. Experts say that it is quite possible to use them as a spare in case our planet becomes uninhabitable.

It is not yet possible to say anything with certainty about the possible settlement of these planets, but there are such prospects. Scientists discovered these two exoplanets not so long ago.

They orbit the star CJ1002. The first data that scientists managed to obtain indicate that they are very similar to the Earth. Experts do not rule out that there are all the conditions for life there.

The exoplanets were named GJ 1002b and GJ 1002c, they were found and discovered by scientists from Spain’s Canary Institute of Astrophysics. The star around which they revolve is not as bright as the Sun and is a red dwarf.

Researchers still have no information about whether exoplanets are similar to Earth in terms of mass and size. Also, they do not know whether there is water there, in what condition it is. This should be clarified in the near future.

Before discovering these objects, a group of astrophysicists studied more than 100 images showing this region. Then they analyzed the light of the star and thus discovered the planets.

GJ 1002b is known to have a smaller orbit and is closer to the star. It makes a complete revolution in the orbit in just 10 days. The second planet makes one revolution around the star in 20 days.

Now researchers are studying the atmospheres on these planets. They want to know what they are made of, whether they contain oxygen.

More than 5,000 Earth-like exoplanets have already been discovered in space, but none of them are habitable yet. Therefore, every new discovery of a planet is a new hope for scientists.


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