Plane crashed in the air (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — A video was posted on the network, which clearly shows that the airliner supposedly hovered in the air. But can it really be just an optical illusion or is it a photoshop.

In this peculiar video, which was posted on Youtube on the Mui Rick channel, you can see a moving vehicle, as well as a plane that hangs motionless in the air just above the level of trees nearby.

“The plane looks like it seems to hover in one place and does not move at all. It has a fairly large size. Look carefully, it really seems that he is in the same place, ”says the person behind the scenes who was filming the video posted on the Internet.

At that moment, while the video is being shot, the man lowers the window of the car in order to better see the strange plane.

Of course, at first glance it may really seem that the airliner does not move at all and just hangs in one place in the sky. Or is it really something more serious, and not just an ordinary optical illusion?

“This aircraft can fly towards a very strong wind and therefore it seems that it does not move at all,” one of the network users commented on the video.

“He can get enough air in the area under the wings to hang in the air. In this case, the pilots do not increase speed. Most likely they want to land.”

In this case, it is worth considering the fact that the car is moving. Therefore, the speed of the airliner seems so insignificant that it seems as if it is hanging motionless. This effect is quite interesting and attracted the attention of a huge number of users on the network.


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