Plague epidemic in 1347-1350 was initiated by a UFO

(ORDO NEWS) — I am interested in the past and the more I study ancient manuscripts, the more I am convinced that our present and future are hidden in our past.

What is the activator of global pandemics? Let’s look into the past using the example of a plague epidemic that wiped out an incredible number of people in the 14th century.

The devastating plague pandemic of 1347-1350, called the Black Death by contemporaries, has not yet found a satisfactory scientific explanation.

However, as well as a completely modern and well-known outbreak of the disease that caused a global pandemic.

And, you know why these cases “have not found a scientific explanation” – scientists refuse to admit the obvious – the intervention of some extraneous force.

This “foreign force” was nothing more than those who control UFOs (flying saucers “and other unidentified aircraft. Among the Greeks and Romans from ancient times, epidemic diseases were considered a punishment sent down by angry gods

. In messages relating to the period of the famous plague between 1346 and 1353, they speak of strange cigar-shaped objects slowly crossing the sky, sometimes at a low altitude, dispersing a “frightening fog” as they move.

Contemporaries directly linked the appearance of “heavenly signs” with the beginning of the Black Death pandemic.

And their conclusions are quite understandable , because it was after the appearance of cigar-shaped aircraft spraying “terrible fog”- immediately after the appearance of these frightening signs, an epidemic of plague broke out in that area.

For example, there is a description of how the inhabitants of Florence observed the appearance in the sky of huge “clouds of fog dense as fabric” coming from the north. It has spread throughout the earth. Then the plague began.

In the East in the same year, many animals fell from the sky. A huge number of carcasses of dead animals decomposed and, according to the description of eyewitnesses, “made the air fetid and caused an outbreak of the Black Death.”

The plague swept not only Europe, but also India, Asia and Britain. In Florence alone, 60,000 people died. Tens of millions of people became victims of the disease: according to various estimates, from 30% to 60% of the population of Europe died from the disease.


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