Pipes of an unknown metal more than 100 thousand years old found under the Chinese pyramid

(ORDO NEWS) — Who could have built such a complex structure 150 thousand years ago, if then people only began to use fire?

Baigong pipes are considered one of the biggest mysteries to date. They are located inside a pyramid at the top of Mount Baigong in northwestern China.

The pyramid was destroyed and only a small part of it remained. In the only cave, experts found a network of pipes with a diameter of 30 centimeters.

They go up the mountain and no one knows exactly where these pipes lead. At the same time, they are made of material that none of the scientists knows about.

Under the Chinese pyramid 2

Some archaeologists have suggested that these pipes used to transport water. This theory is partially supported by the fact that iron pipes of various diameters were found on the shores of Lake Toson, which is located not far from the pyramid.

Experts from the Beijing Institute have analyzed these artifacts and found that their age reaches 150 thousand years. In addition to known materials, they also contained 8% of still unknown material.

Such a find baffled scientists, because the first people in these territories appeared literally 30 thousand years ago, and these were mainly nomadic tribes.


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