Pink cross-eyed deep sea squid caught on video

(ORDO NEWS) — This amazing deep-sea squid has one incredibly large eye and the other is small. And in general, the strawberry-colored mollusk looks extremely unusual!

While diving into the twilight zone (mesapelagic zone – deep waters) of the waters near California, the underwater vehicle filmed an extremely unusual squid. The color of his skin is a bit like a juicy strawberry, and his eyes are of different sizes.

What kind of squid got on the video

Specialists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (USA) said that the video caught a squid of the species Histioteuthis heteropsis – because of its color it is also called strawberry squid.

Pink cross eyed deep sea squid caught on video 2

This species of squid has an interesting feature – slanting eyes of different sizes. The left eye of an adult H.heteropsis is twice as large as the right eye.

In addition, it has a bright yellow color, while the other eye is blue. Scientists believe that different eye sizes are an evolutionary adaptation.

The large left eye points straight up, allowing the squid to see the shadows cast by prey in the dimly lit waters above. While the small right eye looks down, looking for bioluminescent flashes that come from predators or prey.

H.heteropsis lives at a depth of 200-1000 meters, swimming diagonally: its large eye is turned up, and the small one is down. Specifically, this individual was noticed at a depth of 750 meters.


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