Pilots captured a UFO over the Pacific Ocean (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — In the summer of 2022, pilots captured glowing lights in the sky over the Pacific Ocean, after which their employers told them to keep quiet.

Some pilots have said they spotted UFOs while flying over Hawaii and Japan in August and September. They described seeing glowing lights in the sky that moved in elongated circles.

The pilots tried to photograph from their cockpits a group of three to five bright objects that were flying in the region of the sky where the “scoop” of the constellation Ursa Major is located.

There is an assumption that at certain times of the day, satellites can reflect the sun and appear to pilots as bright lights in the sky.

But seasoned aviators say they think the roundabouts and length of observations (some for hours) rule out satellites.

Many pilots report seeing UFOs in the videos they receive. According to reports, their employers told them to keep quiet about their sightings.

According to pilot Chris Van Voorhees, about 50% of his fellow pilots have observed different types of UFOs. He said that their employer forbade them to talk about what they saw.


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