Pictures for your desktop, tablets and smartphones how to find a truly high-quality image

(ORDO NEWS) — The picture located on the desktop is a kind of visiting card of the device owner. If some are limited to standard images that Windows and other operating systems offer, then others choose a suitable plot for a long time and look for high-quality screensavers that can become a real decoration of the screen.

You can find such pictures on specialized sites where there are large catalogs on various topics.

Popular scenes for intros

It is believed that screensavers should be neutral and evoke a pleasant feeling. This is especially important for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. The statistics show that the most popular desktop screensaver themes are:

  • Landscapes and images of sights
  • Fantasy and science fiction
  • Transport: cars, trains, planes, rockets
  • Reproductions of paintings by famous artists
  • Outer spaces
  • Pictures with 3D graphics
  • Animals (including dinosaurs)

Beautiful pictures for catalogs are constantly on the Internet on the pages of contemporary artists, photographers and other free sources. In most cases, images can be downloaded for free, so you do not have to buy a subscription or spend money in order to get the picture you like.

How to choose an image for your desktop

When choosing a specific picture that will be used as the main one on the screen, be guided by your own taste. Also consider the image parameters, because the displays of smartphones, tablets and computers have different sizes.

Therefore, make sure that on a screen with a specific diagonal, the splash screen looks beautiful and is not distorted. If necessary, you can adjust the image to the desired parameters using online services.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the features of color reproduction. Everyone wants to have a bright picture on the screen saver, on which all the details will be clearly visible.

To get such an image, you need to find a high quality file. Due to the large number of specialized sites with pictures on the Internet, the search will not be a problem. Many resources offer high-resolution photo downloads that will look beautiful on any display.

Sites with pictures have convenient directories or their own search system, thanks to which the selection of the desired file becomes as easy as possible. Most users usually find a specific portal with beautiful images and use it constantly so as not to waste time looking for a quality source of content.


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