Physicists: with a 90% probability, humanity is waiting for self-destruction

(ORDO NEWS) — Humanity will not be able to last long if it continues to live with a number of its habits that damage the environment and the people themselves. Our civilization will face irreversible collapse and self-destruction.

Scientists have conducted a number of studies and stated that absolutely all scenarios of human development lead to its collapse with a 90% probability. This applies even to the most optimistic options for the formation of the future.

The Alan Turing Research Institute and Tarapaca University in Chile predict that the last forests will be cleared over the next century (2100-2200). This will be the “last straw”: humanity will be dealt a heavy blow against the background of global climate change, frequent forest fires and overpopulation of the planet. People only realize the fragility of ecosystems after they have cut the last tree.

The decline of our society will take place in about a few decades. It is in 20-40 years that the countdown will begin. People today are trying to reduce the rate of deforestation, but this only delays the collapse, and does not prevent it. With the growing population of the planet, the consumption of resources, in particular trees, will also increase.

People are planting new trees, but the fires due to climate change are preventing them from developing. Young plantations cannot adapt to the environment, which is fraught with many threats. The main threat is precisely the person with his consumer attitude to everything.


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