Physicists put forward a hypothesis about the connection of dark matter with heavy gravitons

(ORDO NEWS) — Graviton is a hypothetical massless elementary particle – a carrier of gravitational interaction and a quantum of a gravitational field without electric and other charges.

The hypothesis of the existence of gravitons appeared as a consequence of the principle of wave-particle duality for describing the gravitational field and the success of quantum field theory.

To date, scientists name axions, neutrinos and weakly interacting massive particles as the most suitable candidates for the transition to dark matter.

Such a hypothesis suggests that moments after the Big Bang, massive gravitons associated with the effects of dark matter appeared during collisions between ordinary particles in the hot and dense environment of the early Universe.

Physicists, having calculated the rate of formation of heavy gravitons, found that, under certain assumptions, their abundance is enough for the appearance of the required amount of dark matter.

The most efficient process of creating new gravitons occurs one picosecond after the Big Bang, below the energy scale characteristic of the Higgs boson.

Based on modern concepts: giving weight to such fundamental particles as electrons and quarks, Higgs bosons are quanta of the Higgs field.

Based on all this information, researchers at the University of Lyon (France) and the University of Korea suggested that one of the contenders for becoming dark matter are massive gravitons. The study is published in the journal Physical Review Letters.


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