Physicists have proposed a way to find dark matter in the depths of the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — Ultralight dark matter can be detected inside the Sun by placing a network of ultra-precise atomic clocks in space.

In the 20th century, when analyzing the rotation of the arms of spiral galaxies, serious anomalies were discovered.

The stars in them do not rotate around the center as they should, as if they were affected by a large hidden mass.

In this regard, astronomers have introduced the concept of dark matter – a variable that, when added to the equations of motion, makes the model look like real life.

It is believed that this dark matter does not interact with electromagnetic radiation, including light, and therefore it cannot be seen, it can only be calculated from the gravitational influence.

According to one theory, dark matter is made up of axions, ultralight particles that resemble neutrinos. According to the predictions of theorists, clusters of these particles may be located in the vicinity of the Sun.

The mass of these clusters should affect space-time, that is, slow down the flow of time.

The fact of such a slowdown, different from that caused by the gravity of known objects, can be detected using a set of sensors with accurate clocks.

“We propose to launch a SpaceQ mission in the immediate vicinity of the star, which will consist of one or more probes equipped with ultra-precise atomic clocks and quantum sensors.

Their measurements will help us understand whether there is an invisible accumulation of ultralight particles of dark matter inside the Sun and in its immediate vicinity, ”the authors of the scientific article write.

In order for the SpaceQ mission to make sense, its devices must be located three times closer to the Sun than Mercury.


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