Physicists have found signs of an unknown force at the Large Hadron Collider

(ORDO NEWS) — Data from the Large Hadron Collider suggests that there may be some force in the universe that no one suspects.

Perhaps you are reading these lines from a smartphone, but this device might not exist. The Maya and the Aztecs didn’t invent the wheel, and we might as well not have invented the radio and computers.

But more than a hundred years ago, Heinrich Hertz built a loop of wire in the laboratory, and noticed that a spark jumped between the wires. It is the discoveries in physics that change our lives.

Let psychics, visionaries or politicians think differently, but everything that happens to us in the future depends on guys like Hertz who are observing some strange and incomprehensible phenomena in their laboratories right now.

Shatter the atom

Data from the Large Hadron Collider suggests that there may be some force in the universe that no one suspects.

If in thirty years a person becomes immortal, moves anywhere in an instant and communicates with the inhabitants of other planets with his thoughts, then perhaps everything starts right now.

To understand what we are talking about, let’s first remember what a collider does. The essence of his actions is simple. It collides elementary particles with each other.

They scatter from the collision, and scientists look at what they have inside. This is easy to understand and say, but difficult to do, because an elementary particle is not a golf ball, and, in fact, it is not even visible.

And in order to split it, incredible energies are needed.

You have probably seen a map that shows a collider: this structure is located underground, under houses, villages and roads, and a special power plant was built to operate the collider.

And here is the accumulated data for ten years. There is something unusual about them.

You and I know some forces: gravity (the weakest and strangest force), electromagnetic interaction (here is the magnet on the refrigerator, and the hairs that are attracted to your comb).

Less known to ordinary people are strong and weak interactions: the first holds the atomic nucleus together, the second works on the same scale, but extends slightly beyond the atomic nucleus.

So, in total, we know four forces in nature.

It is not yet possible to combine all the forces with one formula, mainly because of gravity, which is knocked out and most likely is not a force itself, but something else.

Einstein tried to explain gravity by suggesting that gravity is a curvature of space, and not the attraction of one mass to another, but it has not yet been fully explained.

One formula for all forces, or the Theory of Everything, has been the main problem for theorists for more than a century.

Perhaps this is also the key to the further progress of mankind. Despite the success of AI and computers, it is clear that a civilization built on electricity has almost exhausted itself.

Apparently, behind the scenes of nature, there really is some new force, perhaps underlying the four others.

Let’s open it – open a lot of things. Physicists will receive their Nobel Prizes, and ordinary people – telekinesis and teleportation.

Soul of the Universe

What is found at the Collider? The routine procedure for unraveling elementary particles pursued the same routine goal: to test one hypothesis.

According to generally accepted hypotheses, if you stubbornly hit elementary particles, they will decay into an approximately equal number of electrons and muons (a muon is an extremely unstable particle that immediately decays and gives rise to a bunch of others).

Roughly speaking, any particle of matter must decay in equal proportions into energy (electrons) and matter (muons). No one really doubted that this would happen.

But the evidence suggests that more electrons are released. That is, in a unit of matter (say, in your fingernail or in the sandwich that you ate for breakfast) there is more energy than matter itself.

This means that the formulas of modern physics are not entirely correct, and we misunderstand the world.

It’s like ordering your own kitchen. The measurers arrived, you paid, you wait a month, finally the workers brought everything, installed it, but one cabinet itself soars in the air. And the workers are:

– It’s rare, but it happens. We don’t quite understand how kitchens work yet.

The Power of Design

By nature, this force may be the one that made our world as we know it. And our world is illogical. The laws of physics known to us say that we should not exist.

The Universe is moving along the path of simplification (scientifically, the increase in entropy), and the further, the more the Universe should be simpler.

We see clearly the opposite: the solar system is more complex than a random accumulation of stones, and it is young; Man in general is the pinnacle of complexity, and he appeared several million years ago.

The world is not getting simpler, but more complex, and something has to push it in that direction.

Something or Someone: people dealing with religion have no doubt that the Divine Will is behind everything.

Without denying such a possibility, we note that an unknown force, as if distorting the symmetry of the Universe, may well be an analogue of the World Mind that directs the universe.

Symmetry is beautiful buildings and patterns on the wings of butterflies, but from the point of view of evolution, this is death.

The universe is alive because it is not symmetrical, and this fact seems to be a special mystery.

It is likely that the force that distorts symmetry at the micro level is the one that made the world alive and our existence possible.

Now physicists (the discovery was reported at the end of the year) are testing the observational facts, and theorists are trying to explain them by known causes.

This is the job of theorists: to exclude what is already known, and then talk about the unknown.

Needless to say: if a person masters the power that created everything that exists not rudely, but at the level of design, he himself will be able to create everything that exists in essence by the power of thought.

Of course, this will not happen tomorrow, but perhaps it is already beginning – today.


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