Physicists have discovered what the universe looked like immediately after the Big Bang

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands have created the latest computer model of the universe, which shows exactly how it looked in the first few seconds after the Big Bang.

The provided simulation showed how the formation of the intergalactic medium, or gas and dust, that is between all the galaxies in outer space.

During the work, a special computer algorithm Hydro-BAM was applied. With its help, calculations of all possible variants of regularities were carried out.

Due to this, experts have established options for what happened to the Universe in the first seconds after the Big Bang happened.

An entirely new computer simulation has shown how the distribution of dark matter, neutral hydrogen, gas charged with energy and other components of the Universe happened. The study allowed us to better understand exactly what kind of structure our Universe has.

The scientists noted that this simulation demonstrated Lyman-alpha forests with the highest possible accuracy.

Such a concept is called a special form of lines present in the spectrum of galaxies and other space objects. It occurs as a result of the fact that clouds of gaseous hydrogen actively absorb a huge amount of galactic light.

“Simulations of this kind can help humanity learn more not only about history, but also about the structure of the universe.

At the same time, to conduct such a simulation, a huge amount of computing resources is required.

Modern computers are not as powerful as we would like, so they are able to create only small parts of the universe, ”says Francesco Sinigaglia.

The latest study used a custom Hydro-BAM algorithm based on machine learning. It allowed to obtain a lot of theoretical data. A new simulation has shown the location of clouds of hydrogen gas. It was taken into account that the expansion of the Universe does not stop.


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