Physicist developed a theory that explains all the processes on Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to physicist Stephen Wolfram, his new model, combining elements of the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and other physical laws, is able to explain the processes taking place on Earth.

The scientist decided to apply all his knowledge to finally understand the structure of not only the Earth, but also the Universe. True, for this the physicist needs outside help. The main idea of ​​the theory is unpredictable results after applying certain rules a large number of times.

Stephen Wolfram is sure that everything on the planet arose as a result of simple rules and things, which together made up fairly complex combinations. Rules are applied cyclically, but this does not mean that everything is generated by the computer. It only says that nature can be calculated.

The assistant physicist notes that at first the Wolfram theory seems absurd: the physical Universe cannot be reproduced by elementary computational rules. On the other hand, in physics, mathematics and philosophy there is no fundamental reason for the formation of such a complex world.

Therefore, it is not worth excluding the possibility that the complex is created from the simple. A physicist is looking for evidence of this in order to later model a whole model of both our planet and space as a whole.

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