Physicist claims there are no aliens in our galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) — Last week, a rather interesting event that concerned UFOs was a public hearing held in the US Congress.

The US military spoke directly at the hearing about what they managed to get the results of the investigations of those observations that were conducted behind unidentified flying objects.

One of those present made a statement that the UFO poses a direct threat to national security. Also, aliens may actually exist.

Physicist Brian Cox of the University of Manchester agreed that there could be intelligent civilizations in the universe, and perhaps even a completely normal phenomenon.

Cox noted that alien civilizations can be a reality, but they definitely do not exist in our galaxy. He emphasized that a civilization resembling a human one can be a huge rarity. The physicist believes that in one galaxy there can be only one intelligent civilization.

“There are about two trillion galaxies in the universe that humans can study.

I am fully convinced that there are alien civilizations out there somewhere.

Life appeared on Earth almost 3.8 billion years ago, but a full-fledged civilization arose not so long ago.

For its appearance, it took most of the period of time that life existed at all, ”says the physicist.

The age of the universe reaches 13.8 billion years, which is quite a lot. Most likely, microbial life is a normal phenomenon that is quite common in outer space. At the same time, intelligent civilizations can be extremely rare.

In turn, Monica Grady is sure that our galaxy is incredibly large and therefore life can potentially arise on one of the planets in any corner of it. In the solar system, of course, there is only humanity.

At the same time, if there are aliens somewhere, then they need to learn how to quickly overcome huge distances, because there can be billions of kilometers between our planet and the place where they live.


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