Phantom time theory says we are now living in 1724

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the advanced theory of phantom time, 300 years of human life were simply invented, and therefore, in fact, we all live now in 1724. It is not known for certain where such a strange hypothesis arose.

A number of historians are sure that the Middle Ages never happened. German scientist Herbert Illig believes that today is 1724. In the 1980s, he first introduced the theory of phantom time, which states that all calendars are confused and shifted. The gap between 614 and 911 is just added. Who made the monumental ecclesiastical mistake is unknown.

According to one version, Emperor Otto III, who ruled the Roman Empire, wished that his rise to power began in 1000, not 996. He worked with Pope Sylvester II to develop a calendar offset.

Of course, most historians criticize the strange claims about phantom time. Many events of past years have been proven archaeologically.

The topic of phantom time is gradually shifting from conspiracy communities to tabloids, which are viewed by millions. The question will definitely be studied further.


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